Jodie – Kuchi-kuchi singer say strangers bin advise her to kill her son as she cry out for help

Popular Nigeria music artiste Jodiegreat don cry out say make pipo help am wit moni to take care of her pikin wey get special needs sake of Cerebral palsy disease.

Jodiegreat become popular for 2010 afta she drop one hit single ‘Kuchi kuchi’.

For one Instagram post on Wednesday, Jodie bin write one long tori wia she take make di appeal and also tok about her child condition.

For di post, she bin write say, she no be lazy pesin. “I bin sing one song, Kuchi Kuchi for 2010, wey Kings and Queens don listen to and enjoy. I dey use di soft spot wey dat song fit don create to make dis appeal.

“For di past six years, I don hawk beaded jewellery for office like Total, Noah’s Ark, DDB etc. I don sell hair care products, I don beg. I don borrow. Nigerians dey kind”.

She add say true-true , she be ‘NOBODY’, but dey inspired, years ago to sing one song wey still dey till date.

“Who sabi? Maybe di reality be say Kuchi Kuchi no be for my popularity, but to answer to di silent cry of mothers wey born special needs children.

She also add say maybe di reality be to speak for di blood of di special needs children don spill for secret by helpless mothers wey no sabi wetin else to do.

“I know dis, sake of some strangers don advise me to kill or abandon my son, sake of say children like dat, dem dey send am to swallow moni, she tok”.

She add say her moni don dey swallowed and her friends don abandon her, sake of say she be beggar.

“My debts dey new every morning. But I be mama wey go rather die first before her son no eat.

Jodie add say, special needs children no dey eat normal food. Dem need plenti medical, emotional, etc care.

Special need children require di help of well established world-class organisations, because no be dia fault say dem born dem dat way.

Di Delta state born singer bin don dey struggle to deal wit her pikin condition since she born am.

For 2017, she bin grant TV interview to explain wetin she dey go through since she born her pikin wey doctors say get Cerebral Palsy.

Wetin be Cerebral Palsy

According to Sabi pipo, Cerebral palsy be one group of disorder wey dey affect pesin ability to move and maintain balance and posture.

Di condition be di most common motor disability in pikin.

Cerebral mean say e get something to do wit di brain.

Palsy mean weakness or problem to use di muscles.

Wetin dey cause Cerebral Palsy be abnormal brain development or injury to di brain wey dey develop wey affect pesin ability to control dia muscles.

Di symptoms of CP dey different from pesin to pesin.

Pesin wey get serious CP fit need to use special equipment to be able to walk,

Or fit no dey able to waka at all and fit need lifelong care.

Pesin wey get mild CP, fit dey able to waka small wit no balance, but fit no need any special help.

CP no dey get worse ova time, though di exact symptoms fit change over pesin lifetime.

All di pipo wey get CP get problem wit waka and posture.

Many also get conditions wey relate like make dem no dey too sharp; seizure; problem wit vision, hearing, or speech; changes for di spine (like scoliosis); or joint problem (like contractures).