Coronavirus: How dancing Ghana pallbearers turn Covid-19 sensation

Di pallbearers


De coronavirus pandemic wey shut down countries den economies bring de world to a standstill.

Chaw govments around de world close dema borders, ban public gatherings, lockdown everybody plus ‘stay home’ order to citizens in order to reduce spread of Covid-19.

While millions of people across de world dey under lockdown, boredom dey set in which dey make some people step out to town, while others dey find entertainment online.

De dancing pallbearers from Ghana who dey dance plus coffin on dema shoulder turn major source of entertainment den coronavirus sensitisation message de world over.

Thousands of social media users create plenty internet memes plus de dancing pallbearers, de message behind de pallbearers meme be simple: “stay home or dance plus us.”

Some countries like Brazil even move de social media meme to dema streets, as dem put up billboard plus image of de coffin dancers plus de caption ‘stay home or dance with us.’

De dancing pallbearers go viral first on TikTok around February 2020, but e start dey pap when online users start dey create dema own videos where if someone do yawa, then dem go insert de pallbearers who dey carry coffin for shoulder dey dance.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram users all join de fun, thousands of people dey share dema memes.

Some users saf start dey request for de services of de pallbearers if dem die.

Origin of dancing pallbearers

BBC Africa journalist, Sulley Lansah produce de dancing pallbearers video from Ghana around 2017.

Although dis video trend around 2017, e catch fire dis year when on TikTop wey e start dey go global in different forms.

Di pallbearers for di tori BBC do for 2017

Di pallbearers for di tori BBC do for 2017

Social media users wey make bored sake of coronavirus lockdown dey release stress plus de pallbearer memes.

Benjamin Aidoo, who be leader of de dancing pallbearers talk BBC say ”I decide to add choreography so say if the client comes, we go biz dem – you want am solemn or you go like make we display?”

De dancing pallbearers take dema business enter online so say dem fit get more clients.

Dem set up official twitter account @DadaAwu which dem dey take share some of de memes people create on dem.

Here be some of de memes of de dancing pallbearers