TikTok: Five tins you need to know before you open dat social network account

Phone wey dey show di TikTok logo

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Tik tok don become one di most popular social app around di world with ova 800million subscribers.

As plenti kontri across di world don take ogbonge measure to stop di spread of coronavirus and dem close schools, bars, ban social gathering, introduce social distancing and advise make pipo stay for house, dis social app don become one of di new popular space for both young pipo and old to joli as dem dey sef isolate.

Di social network na for amateur music videos and lip sync videos. Users fit make dia own or just siddon to watch oda pipo own.

See di things wey you suppose know about Tik Tok and how you fit use am safely

E fit make you popular

Di number one ogbonge rule if you just join di social network na to “be yourself”.

To become popular, you need to dey make videos wey pipo go gbadun for TikTok everytime. Dis one mean say you must follow di trend of wetin pipo dey post.

If you want make dem notice you, den e go help if you ,choose one particular style of videos wey you go dey make to showcase your skills.

Many celebrities dey use am during dis lockdown to connect with dia fans



You fit block or filter comments

If you ever dey worry about who dey comment or who dey see your TikTok account, e get plenti options wey you fit take. You fit make your account private, police who dey see your posts and even stop comments for your page.

E get age restrictions

Na pipo from age of 13 fit join TikTok and if dem suspect say anybody put wayo age wey neva reach 13, dem go block am.

Recently di app bin introduce anoda policy to block users wey never reach age of 16 to stop to dey send or receive direct messages.

NSPCC child safety online policy Oga, Andy Burrows tok say: “Dis na bold move by TikTok as we know say some bad pipo dey use direct message to catch children.”

Di App popular well-well

Even though TikTok don only dey around for about three years, e don get about ova 800 million users all over di world.

The most popular star ontop di app Charli D’Amelio wey be American social media personality and dancer get 48.1 million followers on Tiktok as at April 2020

Di app dey available for 39 languages worldwide.

Zhang Yiming

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TikTok founder Zhang Yiming

‘TikTok na made in China’

TikTok na made in China video sharing social network and na Zhang Yiming be di founder.US senators don criticise di social network app say dem dey worry about pipo privacy and child safety rules for di platform and dem say because na Chinese company get am, dem fit censor content of users based on wetin China like or dem no like. But TikTok don come out to say dem get moderation team wey dey go over content and dem go block di ones wey no dey appropriate for users wia possible.