Court remand teenagers wey allegedly kill dia friend lover for money ritual for prison

Four young boys wey chop accuse say dem kill girlfriend for Ogun state


One Magistrates Court on Thursday don order say make dem remand four young boys for prison after dem allegedly kill one of dem girlfriend.

Ogun State Police Command bin arrest di four suspects, Balogun Mustakeem,20, Majekodunmi Soliudeen,18, Abdulgafa Lukman,19, and Waris Oladeinde,18, on Saturday, January 29, as dem dey allegedly burn di girl head after dem allegedly kill am inside one uncompleted building for Kugba area, Abeokuta.

Di suspects bin dey charged on two-count charge of conspiracy and murder.

Magistrate I. O Abudu wey no take di suspects plea, order say make dem remand dem for Oba correctional service, as di court wait for legal advice from Ogun State Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

Di magistrate adjourn di case till March 14.

Inspector Lawrence Balogun wey be di prosecutor tell di court say di suspects commit di offence on January 28 at about 11:00pm for Kugba area, Abeokuta.

Balogun tok say di defendants plan among dia sef and murder one Sofiat Okeowo who be Soliudeen girlfriend.

He tok say di suspects kill di girl by cutting her head wit cutlas.

Di prosecutor claim say di suspects kill di girl sake of say dem won use am do money ritual.

According to Balogun, di offence go against section 324 of di Criminal Code of Ogun, 2006.

Wetin be ritual killing?

Official statistics for Nigeria indicate say cases of ritual killing don increase in number of missing persons all over di kontri in recent times.

Speculation dey say majority of pipo wey disappear without trace often be victims of ritual killings – wia suspects go abduct victims to collect dia body parts for rituals to make money, charms or even portions.

Oftentimes, dis parts dey dey required by herbalists to make sacrifices wey go give dem power, wealth or even cure illness. But e no dey easy to prove say such sacrifices fit give pesin money or protection.

Police and oda agencies like Economic and Financial Crimes Commission don increase dia work to go after pipo, mostly young boys wey dey into such.

Pipo also dey kidnap odas for ransom and security agents dey work tirelessly to combat dis menace.

Why ritual killings dey increase?

Di Public Relations Officer of di Delta State Police Command, DSP Dafe Bright, tell BBC Pidgin say di root cause of dis trend na poor parenting system and hunger for quick money.

According to di police officer, some parents dey allegedly sponsor dia pikin to go learn internet fraud.

“Na sake of failed parenting system. Some parents look for money to sponsor dia pikin to learn internet fraud, na wetin dey go on for our society today.

“Number one cause of dis fast rising trend na poor parenting, den di need to make quick money. Youths no wan go school again, and di one wey dey go school prefer to use dia money to buy result. Di hunger for quick money dey part of wetin dey cause dis trend, but 80 percent na sake of poor parenting,” DSP Edafe tell BBC Pidgin.

Di spokesperson for di Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Kwara State Command, Babawale Afolabi, blame peer pressure for di money ritual trend wey dey happun for di kontri.

E say internet fraudsters aka Yahoo boys don too much for di kontri and many young ones dey allow peer pressure to push dem into fraud.

“Yahoo boys don take over. Wen boy wey be 15 years dey see im mate dey drive exotic cars, e also wan do di same. So e go say since na Yahoo dem dey do, e also go do di same thing. Na one of di major reasons be dis,” Afolabi tok.

Di civil defence officer also blame parents for di trend as e tok say some parents no dey monitor dia children.