Regina Daniels: ‘Jaruma arrest and detention na sake of palava with my husband Ned Nwoko’

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels don wash hand comot di mata of di arrest and detention of Hauwa Saidu wey pipo sabi as Jaruma di kayamata (aphrodisiac) seller.

For inside post for her social media handle, Daniels wey clear di air on her business wit Jaruma deny say she collect money and no do di job Jaruma pay for.

“Di fact na say I deliver on di job based on our various discussions. She suppose provide contents and I suppose post on my page. She send me draft agreement wey I decline to sign because I see say some of di terms dey deceitful but she insist say make we carry go on my own terms. Miss jaruma also come up with different content ideas wey no dey acceptable to me because dem for dey deceitful to me and di public.” Daniels write.

Ontop her arrest and detention, Daniels say na sake of di lie-lie she post against her husband.

Regina say di arrest of Jaruma no get anytin to do wit her business deal wit her but dat di malicious tin wey she took about her husband.

Jaruma arrest and detention latest

Jaruma and Ned Nwoko family gbas gbos start wen she claim for Instagram post say she pay Ned Nwoko wife, Regina Daniels 10 million naira to advertise her product and she no deliver on di job.

Regina for November 2021 bin comot to say she neva ever use Kayamata and dat she don end every relationship wey she get wit Jaruma.

Jaruma bin respond to dat claim say she no use kayamata and refer to di oda wife of Ned Nwoko wey bin comot di marriage.

She bin blame di whole palava on di fact say Daniels fail to keep to dia business deal.

Jaruma also tok for inside one video wey she post for her social media handle say she no happy about how 74-year-old Ned Nwoko wey pipo respect fit come social media dey tok bad tins about im wife wey im marry for many years.

Na dia Ned Nwoko take respond and wash hand comot di mata and warn Jaruma ontop di mata.

Di mata take anoda level wen Ned Nwoko file petition and dem arrest Jaruma and charge am to court.

Di Police lawyer, E. A Inegbenoise, bin tell court say Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniel husband bin write petition from im lawyers to di FCT Police Command for proper investigation on January 20, 2021.

Sake of dis allegation, di police lawyer, Inegbenoise bin make case say make di judge keep am for custody so as to make dem cari out proper investigation.

For inside di petition wey BBC Pidgin cari eye see, Ned Nwoko lawyer highlight di following:

•Say Hauwa Saidu Mohammed wey be di Chief Executive Officer of Jaruma Empire dey champion crusade wey dey based on heinous vilification, calumniation, prevarication wey dey targeted to tell lies and rumours against dia client Ned Nwoko.

•Say di lies dey capable of tarnishing im image and fit make pipo to hate am.

•Say Jaruma no be only detractor of dia client but she also be fraudulent miscreant, wey dey known to dey extort money from unsuspecting members of di society through di sake of di unlicensed and unauthorised love potions and oda illicit products wey lack efficacy.

•Say she use her Instagram and oda social media platforms to cyber-bully, troll and reap from dia client good name by spreading hate speech and make false references and statements for dia client break up wit im former wife Lady Laila Charani as she post pictures and videos wey dey capable to mislead di public.

•Say Jaruma get questionable character, low moral values and she be serial drug abuser and merchandiser distributor of illicit drug.

Di FCT Upper Court bin remand Jaruma for Suleja prison afta police charge her to court.

Jaruma bin plead not guilty to di charges and im lawyer apply for bail which di judge adjourn to Friday, 28, January, 2022 to hear di application and ask dem keep her for Suleja prison till den.

Who be Regina Daniels?

Regina Daniels don always dey for public eye as she begin feature for Nollywood feems since when she dey small.

However wetin make pipo really sabi her na her marriage to Nigerian billionaire wey old pass her, wey also don get oda wives.

For 2019, 59 years old Ned Nwoko marry Regina wey be 19 as at that time.

Dis bin generate mixed reactions that time sake of di age difference as many pipo question di actress motivations.

Ned Nwoko na former Nigerian lawmaker, lawyer and philanthropist.

Who be Jaruma?

Hauwa Saidu Mohammed wey pipo sabi as Jaruma na Nigerian sex therapist and entrepreneur.

Dem born her for October 26, 1993.

She come from Gombe state and many reason her as di most successful and highest-paid sex therapist for Nigeria.

Jaruma school for Nigeria and Turkey.

She bin start her entrepreneurship career for 2010 as she engage for some businesses but na for 2016 she enta limelight afta she do one video to educate Nigerians about di therapeutic advantages of Azanza Garckeana plant (Silky Kola).

She begin sell sex enhancers products, kayamata wey she claim say dey save women from experiencing failed marriages because dem no fit meet wit di sexual demands of dia partners.

Although some pipo don accuse her say dey add juju to her products to enable her clients fit trap men wey go dey do dia bidding once dem meet.

Regina and Nwoko welcome dia first child together June 2020.