UTAG Strike latest: Ghana public universities dey risk shutdown after 21 days of no academic activities

National Labour Commission (NLC) for Ghana sue university teachers who dey on strike despite calls for dem to return to class.

University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) dey inside de third week of dia strike which NLC describe as illegal.

NLC dey pray de courts to place interlocutory injunction on de striking teachers and executives of UTAG.

“Make dis honourable court order interlocutory injunction which go force respondent…to call of de industrial action den resume negotiation with dema employees” dem talk de court.

But UTAG members say legal action no go force dem to shun de strike.

“Dem dey worsen de situation sake of nobody go fit force teacher who be hungry and angry wey decide to strike to go back to de classroom” UTAG Secretary for University of Ghana chapter of UTAG, Professor Ransford Gyampo talk.

UTAG don go strike

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“You go fit force angry and hungry teacher who dey on strike back to de classroom using procedural technicalities?” he ask.

Negotiations between teachers and labour commission degenerate after NLC direct teachers to resume classroom lessons after emergency meeting.

But UTAG members defy dia calls to continue de strike.

Public Universities risk shut down afta strike enta 21 days

Public universities for Ghana dey at risk of shutdown after 21 days of no academic activities.

Dis be sake of per de statutes wey dey in place for higher learning institutions, public universities for close down after 21 days on no academic work.

De University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) strike dey enter de third week, which mean say once dem cross de 21 days ultimatum public universities across Ghana go for shut down.

What teachers dey demand

UTAG members dey ask govment to restore dema conditions of service wey both parties agree on in 2012.

UTAG peg de Basic Plus Market Premium of lecturers for $2,084.42, UTAG however say de current arrangement reduce dema basic premium to $997.84.