Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane: Di Cameroonian retain im title as UFC 270 heavyweight champion

Francis Ngannou

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Francis Ngannou remain di UFC heavyweight champion afta e defend im title against undefeated interim champion Ciryl Gane for UFC 270.

Di judges declare am winner wit 48-47 48-47 and 49-46.

Di game happun on Sunday 23 January 2022.

Afta di fight, Nigerian and UFC champion Kamaru Usman wey follow dey Francis corner enter ring to tok say dis na di evolution of Francis fighting style as e change from power punches to technical fighter.

Francis Ngannou and Kamru Usman

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On im victory, Francis say e know say Ciryl go dey tough and e say Ciryl try well-well, but im coach tell am to calm down.

Francis add say e hurt im knee three weeks to di fight but e say e bin wan make pipo know say im don improve as a fighter dat is why e decide to go on wit am.

E thank im team family and friends and acknowledge di plenti love from im kontri Cameroon.

For im future, e say boxing still dey for im mind and e go do am before im retire

For Ciryl, e tok say e dey disappointed wit im performance and e hope say e go improve.

Ngannou, 35, na one di most powerful and dominant figures for MMA history, and e bin don win im past five fights through knockout.

Gane, 31, bin hold one perfect 10-0 record wit seven consecutive wins for di UFC, even as e just turn professional for 2018.

Di two fighters get history. Dem be old sparring partners, Na Ngannou former head coach Fernand Lopez train Gane.

Di fight between Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane bin take place for di Honda Center for Anaheim, California.

Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane

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How di fight hapun – Live updates

Ciryl wey dey blue corner don dey dance enta di octagon ring. E wear all black and dey waka small-small with smile on im face.

Ciryl wey come from France hold French flag. E don pull cloth and dey collect teeth guard as referee dey check am before e enta ring.

Ciryl dey known for im technical ability and fans dey wonda if e go fit stop Francis power.

Ciryl no fight for most of 2020 becos of Covid19.

Francis don dey waka come.

E wear all black and e dey bounce to Drake’s song God’s plan.

Francis come from Cameroon and e dey popular for im heavy punches and power.

E don pull cloth and referee dey check am before im enta ring.

Nigerian and UFC champion Kamaru dey Francis corner. E follow am waka come ring.

Dis na UFC heavyweight fight and both men don ready for dis morning main event.

Referee for dis fight na Herb Dean.

Ciryl na interim UFC champion and e carry im belt come.

Francis na defending UFC champion. Francis sef carry belt come.

Round One

Na five rounds we dey go.

Fight don start.

Francis throw two body shots.

We still dey round 1.

E remain 2 mins 30 secs.

Ciryl don throw kick wey land.

Ciryl dey move well well.

Francis dey try knock am out with im shot.

Both men don lock for corner but Francis throw knee.

Ciryl sef land knee.

Ciryl land kick.

10 secs remain.

Round one don end.

Francis team dey ask am to change in technique and give straight blow and upper cut.

Round Two

Round two don start.

Ciryl land kick for Francis belle.

Ciryl dey kick Francis left leg.

Ciryl land jab for Francis head.

Francis no dey move, Ciryl don land anoda kick.

Francis don land kick for Ciryl body.

Francis land blow for Ciryl head.

10 secs remain.

Round two don finish.

No action for dis round.

Ciryl coach tell am make e dey hit Francis with im legs and make im drink water.

Dem also tell am make e continue dey move well well around di ring.

Round Three

Round three don start.

Francis don slam am o.

Francis hold am for ground

Francis pin Ciryl.

Francis lock am well.

But Ciryl don stand up.

Francis don give am judo throw.

Dey still dey locked.

Dem dey locked inside corner.

Ciryl don use spinning elbow comot di lock.

Francis don land Ciryl for ground again.

10 secs remain for dis round.

Dis round don finish.

Francis team say make im continue dey find upper cut and straight blow.

Round Four

E be like say Francis don dey tire and Ciryl still dey move well.

Ciryl land jab.

Ciryl give spinning turn kick to Francis belle.

Francis don hold Ciryl for corner.

Francis don land am for ground for di third time.

Francis pin am for centre of ring.

Francis don land am for ground again.

One min remain for round four.

Francis land knee for Ciryl chest.

Francis pin am for ground.

10 secs remain.

Round Four don finish.

Round Five

Na di decider be dis.

Ciryl don start with di kicks again.

E dey kick Francis leg.

Ciryl land good combination.

Two punches e land for Francis face.

Ciryl don make mistake.

Francis don turn am.

Ciryl manage lock Francis leg.

Francis don free im leg.

Francis dey on top am.

And e remain one min 34 secs.

Francis lock am for centre of ring.

But e be like say Francis don tire.

Francis dey on top am and e remain 10 secs.

Fight don finish.

Both men look tired well-well.