Nasarawa community women wey use dia monthly cash transfer allowance to fix dia borehole and provide water for dia area

Women for Gbata Community for Wamba Local Goment Area of Nasarawa make belle sweet pipo and reduce stress for dia community afta dem fix di only borehole for dia, install water tanks and tap and lay pipe to distribute clean water to all corners of dia village.

Di women wey be 48 in number, save up one thousand naira each from their monthly Cash Transfer allowee of five thousand naira for two years to solve dia water problem.

46-year-old Zainab Ishaku wey mobilise di women to do di contribution say di hardship wey pipo for di community dey go through sake of lack of access to clean water touch dem to do am.

Madam Ishaku say sake of di project, di only school and primary health care plus mosque for di area get clean running water and dis one don reduce cholera outbreak for di area plus increase personal Hygiene.

Di deaths wey drive Gbata women to compassion to give dia widow’s mite

Gbata na one of di oldest and largest community for Wamba council area and di pipo bin dey face hard time sake of lack of access to clean portable water.

Three-year-old Rukiya Musa bin dey cross road wit her older broda to go find drinking water during school break wen car knock her down and she die.

Rukiya school, LGEA primary school for Gbata village bin no get any source of water and di schoolchildren bin need to cross di high way to find drinking water.

According to Rukiya mama, Rashida Musa, Rukiya be her only girl child and her fourth pikin and di accident happun for 2020. Since den, her life no remain di same again.

“I feel very sad sake of how my pikin die and if say di school get water den, my pikin for no die” Rashida explain.

Some of di children wey die as dem dey look for water for Gbata

Some of di children wey die as dem dey look for water for Gbata

Rakiya death bin throw di community in to mourning as her case no be di first for di area.

Maryam Abdulahi wey be 11-year-old also suffer di same fate five years before Rakiya own.

She bin dey primary five and bin dey try go get water during break wen car hit her.

Her mama tell BBC Pidgin say di agoni wey she face no get part two and dat e dey heart-breaking for pesin pikin to die sake of drinking water.

Anoda victim na Muazu Muhammed. Di eight-year-old bin dey for primary four wen motor hit am wen e dey cross road.

Im mama Rekiya Muhammed say di death of her pikin bin pain her and dat sometimes she dey dream of her boy and e dey weigh her down.

Gbata women decide to end di tragedy

Sake of dis pain, di 48 Gbata women come togeda to plan to repair di borehole, dia first task na to bring di water first to di school and stop di killi-killi of di school pikin dem.

Mr Musa Ogye wey be assistant headmaster for di LGEA Primary school Gbaka say now wey water don come to di school, di school pikin dem no dey cross road again to get drinking water and sake of dat, di accident rate don reduce.

Oga Ogye further explain say di school pikin dem no dey go shit for bush anymore and now dem get clean water and toilet to use wen dem dey school and di situation don improve di way di pikin dem dey learn book.

E say aside di accident wey no dey happun again, di outbreak of cholera wey di affect school pikin dem don reduce.

Children dey play wit di running water for dia school

Children dey play wit di running water for dia school

Di shikini alawee wey empower Gbata women to bless dia community

Gbata community get about two thousand households.

Many of those wey di live for dis community na peasant farmers and di major crop wey dem dey farm na cassava.

For 2016, wen di team from di conditional cash transfer programme of di Federal Goment of Nigeria bin enta di village to announce di conditional cash transfer, di pipo heart bin dey full of joy.

Afta di selection process, di team select about 48 women to begin collect five thousand as monthly alawee.

Di conditional Cash transfer programme na di federal goment initiative to improve di welfare of some citizens.

And di pipo wey dey benefit, na pipo wey don old, women and orphans.

Di head of di condition cash transfer for Nasarawa State, Rhoda Agbawo say dem dey implement di programme for six local goment areas wey be Akwanga, Konga, Wamba, Lafia, Awe and Nasarawa.

She explain say so far, na about 48,000 pipo dey benefit from di project from di state.

Women pose wit running water for Gbata


Zainab Ishaku wey dey lead Gbata women tell BBC Pidgin say many of dem wey be beneficiary see di moni as feeding moni as many of di beneficiary don old and dem be widow wit plenti grand pikin to feed.

She further explain give say wit di economic situation for di kontri, most times di moni no dey even reach dem to cater for dia family.

But wen dem see di water hardship of di community and di way car di knock school pikin down dem decide to find solution to di problem.

She say di joy of di women be say dia sacrifice pay and dem decide to contribute to development of dia community instead of to wait for politicians.

Gbata community for Nasarawa state


Gbata – Di history of lack of water

Gbata na community for Wamba Local government – Na one of di 13 local goment for Nasarawa state .

Dem create Wamba for 1996.

Di pipo wey dey live for Wamba na mainly from Rindre ethNic group but oda ethnic group like Kantana, chessu, Buh, Yashi, Arum, Turkwan, Ninzom, Fulani, Yoruba, Eggom, Hausa, Igbo dey live dia.

Di area na like 140 kilometres and dey border Jos, capital of Plateau state.

Gbata community Chief, Alhaji Zakari tell BBC pidgin say dem bin dey face water crisis for di area in di past.

E say women bin need to trek for several kilometres wit pot water or basin for dia head to go fetch water from River Maka and some odas to other neighbouring community.

E say as society come dey open eye, those wey get moni begin dig well but during dry season, di water go dry up and women and pikin go begin face hardship.

But for 2016-2017, sake of di poor quality of water and poor hygiene for di area, di village witness deadly outbreak wey lead to death of plenti pipo sake of dat one, politicians come sink borehole for dem.

But di borehole no go round di community and e come spoil for two years and di pipo bin no get beta water to use.

Dis na wetin inspire di women to now contribute moni to repair di borehole, fix water tanks and taps for strategic places for di community and na di water dem use build di primary health care centre for di community.

70-year-old Mary Isa wey dey fetch water from di community tap say now, she fit get access to clean water for di village wit ease afta many years of suffering.