Timilehin Adigun: Juliana Olayode, Nigerian actress accuse her former spiritual father of ‘abuse’

Nigerian actress Juliana Olayode wey many pipo sabi as ‘Toyo baby’ and her former spiritual father and manager, Pastor Timilehin Adigun don continue to call themselves out on social media.

Juliana wey become popular for her role on “Jenifa’s Diary” – One popular television drama series for di latest video she post on her verified Instagram page on Wednesday morning say Pastor Timilehin dey behind why she comot di set of di popular TV drama plus e manipulate and sexually abuse her sister.

However, di pastor for im Instagram story don quickly reply, e say im never sexually abuse anyone and e dey ready to prove am before any court or panel.

Juliana wey play di role of Toyosi, best friend to di lead actor, popular actress, Funke Akindele suddenly comot for di set of Jenifa’s Diary few years ago wen di series still dey hot and dis make pipo wonder why she comot suddenly.

For inside di video she post on Wednesday, she give small insight into wetin happun as she don dey quiet on top di mata dis whole time.

She say she for no even wan mention am if no be because di pastor for di video e post on Instagram on Tuesday tok something wey relate to Jenifa’s Diary.

To reply di post, Juliana say na one email wey Pastor Timilehin Adigun send mess di whole tin up.

“I no know why you mention Jenifa’s diary, you want make pipo drag me for di mess you make. You just dey wicked honestly, wetin Jenifa’s Dairy got to do wit passwords.

You send email and mess up di whole tin. I bin no tok anytin about am, Pipo say all sort of tins to me den, some still dey tok about am till today. You mess tins up and I pay for am, who I tell? I almost go crazy wen you start to put di blame on me, as na your habit to blame me for different tins, you just never take responsibility for di tins you do.

I bin tok to di pesin wey dey present di day you send di email as I bin tink say I get amnesia. I even get to chat wit di director, because ebe like say I dey go crazy….” She tok.

Di pastor no respond to dis claims.

Wetin cause di fall out between Juliana Olayode and her spiritual father

Di drama between di actress and her spiritual father and manager, Pastor Timilehin Adigun on top social media start on Tuesday 25, January wen she ask am to release di passwords of her social media accounts plus she want make e leave her alone.

For inside di lengthy video she bin post earlier, she say she bin go di pastor church on Sunday afta service to ask for her passwords but e order security to throw her out.

Di pastor also enta social media to reply say im no get any of her passwords and im bin manage Juliana as im own daughter.

E say na im build her Youtube, Instagram and oda social media accounts and begin dey manage am since 2016 wen dem remove her comot Jenifa’s diary and her passwords dey wit her, make she go find di book or di books wia she keep am.

“I give you all your passwords, go check wia you keep am.” e tok.

Di pastor wey dig go dia past say im make one mistake for January 2021 wey im acknowledge and even apologise give her and post am for Instagram.

E say for July she walk away from im and im wife and block am on top all platforms even afta she say she don forgive am for di mistake e make wit am.


But to gain her attention back, im go her Facebook as e dey attached to im page to show her say im still get access to her Facebook page wit di thought say she go call am and dem go resolve any kwanta wey dey between dem, instead Juliana go social media accuse am say im hack her account.

To reply im post, Juliana say im videos bring back sad and painful memories.

Who be Juliana Olayode

Juliana Oluwatobiloba Olayode wey pipo sabi as Toyo baby and wey gain popularity for her role for Jenifa’s Diary na Nigerian actress, author and purity advocate.

Dem born her on June 7, 1995 for Lagos state, Nigeria.

For 2017, she write one book, ‘Rebirth’ wey tok about her life journey.

Who be Timilehin Adigun

Pastor Timilehin Adigun na lead Pastor for the haven of Love church.

According to im profile on Linkedin, Timi Adigun na life coach, pastor, writer, love advocate and Coordinator of MINE Teenage Ministry as wel as di president of The Love Factory.

E attend Obafemi Awolowo University and get degree for Economics.