Cameroon vs Comoros: Head to head, time and oda tins you need to know

Cameroon and Comoros player

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Cameroon go face Comoros, first timers for Africa Cup of Nations weh dia qualification for knockout stage send dia kontri for celebration.

Di two teams go face each other for knockout stage match for Olembe Stadium dis Monday, January 24.

While Cameroon team di look good and don di train wit no issue of Covid-19, no bi de same situation for Comoros team.

Comoros get 12 players weh deh test positive for Covid-19, among dem, two goalkeepers.

De first goalkeeper, Salima Ben Boina bi don get injury, komot.

Comoros head coach also test positive for Covid-19 and de situation no bi easy for handle.

“We di try for deal wit de situation, do we best de weh we fit”, El Hadad Himidi the general manager explain for dia federation twitter page.

“De situation go complicate without head coach, key players and two goalkeepers”, general manager, Hadad Himidi maintain.

Now, de question na if CAF go allow Comoros for call external goalkeeper or na player go transform to goalkeeper.

CAF for dia release before competition start bi tok say, even if team get na only 11 players deh go daso play but deh no bi tok weti go happen if goalkeeper no dey.

Comoros qualifying as third best afta de surprise de world wit dia performance, win and chase football giant weh deh cry back to Ghana wit a 3-2 defeat.

Cameroon di go for dis game afta deh draw one match, win two.

Comoros loss dia first two matches before deh humiliate Ghana, and qualify.

Comoros Goalkeeper Coach, Jean-Daniel Padovani


Comoros Goalkeeper Coach, Jean-Daniel Padovani say na historic achievement say Comoros reach dis far, e bi important for continue for take advantage for de competition. We get for keep focus.

Comoros Captain – Abdou Nadjim say, “tomorrow, we go play against one of the biggest nations, na dis be we motivation. We go play dis game laik say na de first. We thank God weh e helep we reach dis far and we di take motivation from God. We make history as we send Ghana, big football nation home and we wan continue for de same manner, hopefully we go do well.

For play Cameroon bi fantastic and e di give we hope. We go do well. We bi determined and we di look forward for dis great game.”

Wetin Cameroon Coach Antonio Conceicao tok

Cameroon coach Antonio Conceicao


For Cameroon coach, dia goal na to win.

“We don see de strength and weakness for we opponent. We wan see competitive game tomorrow. Na true that Comoros no get big name but the team don progress plenti. Comoros get correct organization, deh di play fain. We objective tomorrow na for win. De ambience inside di team bi positive.” E tok.

While Midfielder Oyongo Bitolo say. “kontri pipo bi free for criticize but dia tok against goalkeeper Andre Onana no bi justified and no get any base. Andre Onana no fine goalkeeper. Na good player and may be deh di criticize yi becos deh wan say make e play for dia way. We get strategy weh we di use for all we matches and we get for manage. We go put more effort and start match seriously no mind dis issue of Covid-19.” E tok.