FACT CHECK: Viral video of armed men wey naked students come from Nigeria?

BBC WSL Disinformation Unit don confam say video wey show armed men wey dey force students to strip naked na from Cameroon and no be Nigeria as many pipo don spread for WhatsApp claim.

For di video, armed men wey sources wey know dem say dem be militants dey shoot into di ground near one group of wetin resemble 13 school children wey wear white and sky blue school uniform.

Di incident happen afta di Afcon matches wey start for Januray of 2022.

Di video show di armed men wit guns and dem dey tell di students to “remove dia clothes” as dem dey shoot into di ground and threatening to kill anybody wey disobey dem – di video show di children dey beg say sorry.

Di men speak in Pidgin native to di anglophone region of Cameroon, wia dem dey ask di students to “raise una hand em up” and calling dem armed robbers.

Di video don go viral for messaging app WhatsApp for Nigeria wit many pipo dey tok say e happen for Kebbi State, Northwest Nigeria.

One message wey follow di video for Whatsapp for Nigeria say: “Breaking News, Returning students in Kebbi state were rounded up by bandits… now tell me is this how we are going to continue living?…”

Screenshot of di video wey pipo dey spread for Whatsapp

Screenshot of di video wey pipo dey spread for Whatsapp

BBC no fit independently verify casualties dey for di attack di Cameroon Secondary Education Ministry no gree answer our calls.

But one tori by Voice of America quote di ministry wey say none of di students wunjure for di attack.

We don identify di students as children of Government High School Buea-Bokova.

As di video dey end wey di armed men record, one of dem dey tok for Pidgin English say “na dem dey go school for Buea.”

Satellite map wey show di location of di school for Cameroon

Satellite map wey show di location of di school for Cameroon

Buea na town for Southwest Cameroon, wey like di Northwest, don dey in di middle of militancy by separatist group wey wan separate Ambazonia for di Anglophone region of di Central African kontri from Cameroon.

Di separatists don use di closure of business and school to push dia agenda.

Tori be say di incident follow for many of di attacks wey di separatist fighters launch for di region to disturb di Afcon games wey dey happen for some towns for di region.

For 2020 armed men storm Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy for Kumba and kill at least seven children and wunjure plenti odas. Di armed men also burn part of di school before leaving.

Despite di crisis for Northwest and Southwest Cameroon, Buea and Limbe, both for di region, host group F teams for di 2021 African Cup of Nations.