Nigeria vs Tunisia: Head to head, time and oda tins you need to know

Nigeria and Tunisia player

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Nigeria Super Eagles go play di Carthage Eagles of Tunisia for dia Africa Cup of Nations, Afcon round of 16 match on Sunday, for di Stade Roumdé Adjia in Garoua, Cameroon by 8:00pm.

Di Super Eagles top Group D afta dia 1-0 win over Egypt, 3-1 win over Sudan and 2-0 win over Guinea Bissau team. Dem be di only team wey collect nine points from di group stage of di tournament dis year.

Di Carthage Eagles come out third for group F and qualify for di round of 16 as best looser from dat group. Dem don win only one match for Afcon 2021.

A win for either teams go see di team enta di quarterfinal stage of di tournament while di looser go carri im kaya dey go house.

Eagles vs Eagles Head to Head

Dis match mean say di two eagles go fight to enta di next stage of di nations cup.

Both eagles been don meet few times in di past. Dia first meeting for Afcon na for di 1978 edition for Ghana. Di match end for kasala afta 1-1 draw, Tunisia protest against bad officiating wey make dem award 2-0 win to Nigeria and ban di Carthage from di next edition of di tournament for 1980.

Nigeria beat Tunisia 4-2 for dia next meeting for Afcon 2000 wey Nigeria and Ghana co-host. Tunisia beat Nigeria by 5-3 on penalties for di 2004 edition wey Tunisia host.

For dia last meeting for Afcon, di Super Eagles beat di Carthage eagles by 1-0 for 2019 edition wey Nigeria carri third place.

For dia last meetings, Nigeria beat dem only once and draw di remaining matches.

For FIFA ranking, Tunisia dey number 30 while Nigeria dey rank 36th for di world. For CAF ranking, Tunisia dey 4th while Nigeria dey 5th.

Di Super Eagles na three times Afcon champions while di Carthage Eagles don win am once for 2004 wen dem host di tournament.

Super Eagles Coach Austin Eguavoen

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Wetin Super Eagles coach tok ahead of di match

For pre-match press briefing, Austin Eguavoen wey dey manage di Super Eagles say though Tunisia dey struggle, but im no go forget say dem be powerhouse for football for Africa.

“We go approach evri game with urgency. We no go undermine Tunisia. We no go remove our leg from di pedal. Same approach, same aggression sake of say we get target” na so di coach tok.

E say to get to dia target, dem go need to work hard, “we go work extra hard. Dem dey technically very good very organised, but tins bin no dey waka well for dem. We no go just work on how to play penalties, we go work on all di strategies.” E tok.

Leicester star Wilfred Ndidi say Garoua venue for di round of 16 match don dey like home to dem.

“Di pipo dey support us like we dey for home, normally support from home fans dey dey different dan wen you dey inside stadium, Garoua pipo don actually epp replace in some kind of way” na wetin Ndidi tok.

Jalel Qadri

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Wetin Tunisia coach tok

Tunisia assistant coach Jalel Qadri for pre-match press briefing say dia target na to reach di second round of afcon and dem don achieve am.

“We dey respect Nigeria team, but dem must to come battle ready because we go fight to finish. We get plenti potentials wey we carri and we no go just give up on di way” na wetin di coach tok.

About tori say plenti of dia players test positive to covid 19, e say “We never confam how players dey affected by Covid-19 but we go play di ones wey dey fit”.

“E no dey easy say we get some disturbing situations, but we dey focused to win di game. Evri player go give 200 percent of dia power for di match” na so im tok.

Afcon 2021 round of 16

Di Eagles match dey come afta di first round of 16 match wey go happun between Burkina Faso and Gabon by 5:00pm for Limbe.

Oda matches by teams wey don qualify for di round of 16 of Afcon 2021 na Guinea v Gambia, Cameroon v Comoros, Senegal v Cape Verde, Morocco v Malawi, Ivory Coast v Egypt and Mali v Equatorial Guinea.

Di round of 16 go end on January 26 while di quarterfinal stage go start by January 29.