Surrogacy meaning: Wetin be Surrogacy and all you need to know

Di search for wetin be Surrogacy don begin increase afta Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra and her husband, Nick Jonas announce say dem welcome dia first baby through surrogate.

On Friday 21 January, Chopra and Jonas share di news of dia first baby for dia Instagram handle and ask for privacy during dis special time as dem focus on dia family.

So wetin be Surrogacy wey dis couple use take welcome dia baby?

Wetin be Surrogacy and all you need to know

Surrogacy na wen anoda woman carry pregnancy for husband and wife or couple wey no fit conceive or carry di belle demsef for medical or physical reasons, according to WebMD.

Di husband and wife/couple wey di woman (surrogate) dey help carry di pregnancy na im go come become di legal parents of dat pikin wey di surrogate go born.

Two type of Surrogacy na im dey and dem be; Traditional surrogate and Gestational surrogates.

Traditional surrogate

Dis na pregnancy where di woman( dat na di surrogate) go dey genetically related to di baby. She go get belle through artificial insemination with di father (husband) sperm.

Di woman go then carry di baby and deliver am for di husband and wife/couple to raise.

For dis case di surrogate na di baby biological mama because dem use di father (husband) sperm take fertilize her egg. Sometime dey fit still use donor sperm.

While dis method of surrogacy bin dey common, most surrogacy arrangements today involve host surrogacy.

Gestational/ Host surrogacy

Dis na technique dem call “in vitro fertilization” (IVF). Dem dey also dey call am Host Surrogacy.

For dis technique, dem go gada eggs from di mother (wife) or egg donor, fertilize dem with sperm from di father (husband) or sperm from donor, and place di egg for di womb of di surrogate.

Di surrogate go come carry di pregnancy until e born di pikin wey go be di couple own.


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For dis type of surrogacy, di surrogate no get any genetic ties to di pikin because no be her egg dem use.

Dem dey call gestational surrogate di “birth mother.” Di biological mother na di woman wey dem fertilize her egg, be it di wife or di donor.

Who dey use Surrogates

Different reasons na im make couples dey consider to use surrogate for dem to get dia own pikin;

  • Medical problem with di womb (uterus)
  • Woman wey do operation wey dem remove di womb/ uterus (hysterectomy)
  • Conditions wey dey make pregnancy impossible or risky for woman, like serious heart disease

Oda couples fit also think of surrogacy if dem try to get belle with different means like IVF but dem no fit.

While for some oda case, Surrogates na option for pipo wey no fit dey able to adopt pikin maybe because of dia age or marital status.

Source: WebMD