Hanifa death in Kano: President Buhari join oda Nigerians on #Justiceforhanifa wey dey trend for Social media

President Muhammadu Buhari join oda Nigerians to condemn di alleged murder of di five-year-old school girl Hanifa Abubakar.

President Buhari follow di trend of Nigerians wey dey para for social media say, “make Police and Ministry of Justice prepare well and present better case wey go fit earn di respect of di court,”.

E say e make sense as God expose di alleged killers of di pikin.

E also tell Hanifa parent to ‘bear di sad loss wit courage and fortitude in God’

Social media influencers, entertainers, goment pipo and plenty Nigerians dey call for justice for di matter.

Dem want make goment quick quick pass sentence on Abdulmalik Mohammed Tanko, di alleged kidnapper and murderer of Hanifa.

But President Buhari for statement wey im tok-tok pesin Garba Shehu release, “commend di work of di police and di secret service as dem unravel di mystery behind di disappearance of Hanifa, and particularly for di arrest of her teacher and oda suspects wey allegedly get hand for di kidnap and murder of di pikin.”

Na on Thursday police discover di deadi body of di five year old for Noble kids school Kano city – dis na school wey Hanifa dey attend.

Dem arrest three pipo over di matter including her teacher.

#Justiceforhanifa dey trend

Tori of di alleged murder of Hanifa touch many pipo on social media.

While some users dey dey call for instant justice for di small pikin, odas say make police sharply carry di matter go court make di case no waste time.

But di most reaction na pipo wey dey mourn di girl.

Kannywood star Ali Nuhu, politician Shehu Sani, Bashir Ahmad, Belinda Effa and many more na some of di pipo wey react to di death of Hanifa.

Police stop attempt to burn school

Kano residents wey dey vex for di matter bin wan burn di school – but police stop dem.

Tori be say pipo wey dey live around Noble Kids School gather tire in and around di school to burn am down.

Di pipo follow for those wey dey seek instant justice for di matter. Authorities mobilise security go di private school wey dey Kano city to stop dia action.

Kano goment close late Hanifa school

Late Hanifa school for Kano

Late Hanifa school for Kano

On Friday di Kano State goment order di immediate closure of Noble kids school wey dey for kwanar Dakata, Nasarawa local government of di state.

Di executive Secretary of Kano State Private Schools Board, Ambassador Musa Kawu tell tori pipo for Kano say di Board go co-operate wit security for di investigation.

Kawu also say im go set up committee of inquiry into all di private schools and volunteer schools to check how dem dey do tins.