Abuja stolen child: ‘I no fit sleep since dem thief my pikin’

“I dey feed my pikin evri two hours, I no know how im dey now, evriday I dey cry, I no fit chop, sleep or open my shop since dem thief my pikin, make una help me find am.”

Na so Mrs Nkechi Onwudiachi, mama of one year and five months old pikin wey dem thief for Abuja tell BBC Pidgin wit tears.

Mrs Onwudiachi wey dey live for Jikwoyi area, suburb for Abuja di Nigeria capital neva see her pikin for a week as at di time we do dis report.

Mrs Onwudiachi wey be petty trader na mother of three children, her first born na girl wey dey nine years, second pikin seven year old boy and di born wey dem thief.

She narrate to BBC Pidgin how her last pikin take disappear till today.

“Na on January 13 my pikin dem come back from school, dia school dey close around 1:30pm and dem reach house around 2:00pm, dem say dem wan go dia grandmother house, before dem even enta house my small baby wey I cari for back don see dem dey happy, im come hold im sister(my first born wey be nine years old) leg, so I say okay make dem cari am go too.

E no reach 20 minutes wen I see my husband and my two pikin dem for my shop, my husband ask me wia Michael, my last born, I tell am say Michael dey wit di oda children na, my husband say nooooo na im im explain to me wetin happun, immediately I run go wia di incident happun, e no even far from my shop, I run go police station wit my oda children go report.

I drop di oda children wit my mama run go Kurudu, Mararaba bus stop, from Mararaba to Nyanya dey find my pikin I no see, na seven days now I still dey find am dey hope say I go see am,” she narrate.

‘Tears and heartbreak’

Husband to Mrs Nkechi Onwudiachi wey be civil servant and shop owner Raymond Onwudiachi explain dey cry how im pikin dem break dis difficult news to am.

E add say di description of di pesin im daughter give dem and police, im no get dat kind friend wey dey wear dreadlocks and dirty jeans.

“On dat fateful day, I no go work sake of say my motor get small problem, so I dey for one of our shops dey wait for mechanic to repair my motor bring am, na im my daughter and son run inside come meet me dey cry, I tink say pesin beat dem, na im my daughter ask me weda I see my friend Sam, I reply her say I no get any friend wey be Sam”

My seven year old son Ebuka tell me say im tell her make she no give dia broda to di man but di sister no listen. Dem say as dem dey go dia grandmother shop one man stop dem for road say im be my friend, say initially dem no agree, but di man persuade dem by telling dem say im know dia mother and father come even point our shops and tell dem wetin we dey sell.” Onwudiachi tok.

“Di man give dem 100 Naira to buy biscuit come collect di pikin from dia hand, di man stand dia until dem enta shop to buy biscuit as dem come out dem no see di man again.” Mr Raymond add say im first dey in confusion before im run go im wife shop to go ask her.

I first run go my wife shop becos I believe say if na true say di pesin know us na my wife shop im go go to go give her di pikin, but to my surprise di pikin no dey wit my house na im I run enta road dey find am weda I go catch am for road, no way na im I run go police station, my wife don already reach dia.

Talatu Kabiru

Dem tiff Talatu Kabiru pikin for November 2021 for Abuja

No be di first time

Tori about missing babies for Abuja and im environ no be di first time.

For November 2021, 23-year old Talatu Kabiru say dem tiff her four-month-old baby Fatima Kabiru, for Dakwa Community near Deidei for Bwari Area Council of Abuja, Nigeria political capital.

Like di Onwudiachi dia case, dem tiff Fatima from di hand of her five-year-old sister afta one man deceive dem to go buy juice for dem.

32-year-old Bilkisu Salisu na also victim. For August 2021, dem tiff her three-year-old pikin Kusina Salisu for di same Dakwa community.

She bin send di pikin and her sister to go buy peper for her to make food – dem go buy di pepper come back house.

She come later go out to play around 5-6 pm and no return home again till date.

Bilkisu Salisu

Dem tiff Bilkisu Salisu three-year-old pikin for Agust, 2021.

Police investigation

Meanwhile di tok-tok pesin for di FCT Police Command Josephine Adehi confam di tori.

She say di mata don comot from Jikwoyi Police Station and na on Wednesday dem transfer di mata to CID hand.

“Di mata dey under investigation, we don get cases like dis before and find di pipo, we go make sure say we find di pikin” she tok.