Hanifa death in Kano: Father of five-year-old dem kidnap and murder recall final moments with her

Family of five-year-old Hanifa Abubakar wey dem kidnap and later murder for Kano state north west Nigeria dey call for justice.

Pipo of Kawaji area of Kano state dey in shock afta dem discover di dead bodi of Hanifa wey dem kidnap on di 4th of December, 2021 as she dey return from Islamic school with her friends.

Tori of Hanifa kidnap touch many pipo on social media at di time as dem see foto of di young girl.

On Thursday, police discover di remains of Hanifa inside Northwest Preparatory school for Tudun Murtala area of Kano city – na school wey she dey attend and dem arrest three pipo over di case including her teacher.

Hanifa papa recall im final moments with her before her kidnap as she dey return from Islamic school with her friends.

‘Her final moments’

Abubakar Abdulsalam wey say dem still dey in shock over wetin happun but at di same time know say na test from God, say as Hanifa prepare to comot for school on dat particular Saturday she come meet am.

“She come meet me say she don prepare for Islamiyah (Islamic school) I come tell her say make she pray and for my presence she come repeat di prayer.”

“Afta, she turn to di mother tell her say mummy, if you dey come back from market helep me buy Alewar madara (milk candy).”

Dat na di final moments Abubakar spend with im daughter.

“Wetin I go dey always remember about her na day Hanifa na very lively and smart girl, all di neighbours love her and her father na her favourite.” Abdulsalam tok.

‘Dis na heart-breaking moment for us’

Uncle of di girl Surajo Sulaiman tok to BBC News Pidgin moments after dem discover her body for di building of di school wey she dey attend and e say na heart-breaking moment for di family.

On Friday, E tell BBC Pidgin say di mother still dey hospital after news of discovery of her remains reach her but dem fit discharge her later.

E also add say wetin di family want at di moment na fast and swift justice wey go make di family feel at ease say dia pikin get justice for di bad tin wey dis pipo do her.

“We want to see justice quickly so dat wen we go sleep at night we go feel am for our mind say Hanifa no die in vain and dis bad pipo reap wetin dem sow.” E tok.

Before now, e bin don tok how di mata take hapun.

“We discover her body for wia dem bury her just moments ago and we dey try prepare her for burial at di moment (dem later bury Hanifa aftA di interview).

Suraju at di time wen di kidnap hapun bin explain to BBC News Pidgin how di Hanifa kidnap take happun.

“Wetin happun be say Hanifa dey attend Dahiru Bauchi Islamic school wey dey close to our house and normally na group of children she dey follow go and come back since no be far place.”

“So on Saturday 4th December 2021 afta dem close around 5pm, somebody inside tricycle come tell five of dem to enta for a ride and you know how small pikins like ride, so all of dem enta and as e reach beginning of street, e drop off di oda ones come tell dem say e wan give Hanifa anoda ride again na from dia e disappear.”

Meanwhile, tok-tok pesin for Kano Police Command SP Abdullahi Haruna tok say dem don arrest three pipo already over di case including di alleged mastermind and na im contact two oda pipo to help am carry out di kidnap.

“Di first suspect na teacher for her school and afta e kidnap her, e take her go im house wia she spend two weeks dia but as im say investigations don dey near am na im e give her poison wey lead to her death.” Dat na wetin officer Abdullahi tok.

“Before den e call Hanifa family to request for six million naira as ransom and afta e kill her, im contact one of di pipo wey we arrest to helep am bury her for one shallow grave inside di school compound.”

Cases of missing children in Nigeria

E dey difficult to place actual number ontop di cases of children wey dey miss for Nigeria through kidnappings and abductions wey no relate to banditry and Boko Haram. But e dey hapun and tori dey come out about am well-well.

For 2nd of August 2021, 32-year-old Bilikisu Salisu also become victim. She say dem steal her three year old pikin-Kusina Salisu.

E hapun for Dakwa Community near Deidei for Bwari Area Council of Abuja, Nigeria capital.

She bin send di pikin and her sister to go buy pepper for her to make food- dem go buy di pepper come back house.

She come later go out to play around 5-6 pm and no return home again till date.

Also for 2021, some mothers for Kano state (northern Nigeria) hold protest over dia missing 118 children and dem feel say authorities no dey do anything on di mata.