Bola Tinubu clarify wetin im tok about PVC

Di National leader of di All Progressives Congress don clarify wetin im tok about di Permanent Voters Card, PVC.

Tok-tok start afta one video of di leader of di All Progressive Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu start to dey trend for social media.

For di video e say, “dem fit no tell you on time… di PVC don expire”.

Oga Tinubu continue say, “elections dey reduce because say cards dey expire”.

E bin tok dis one for one meeting with women leaders of di ruling APC for Abuja.

But Tinubu tok-tok pesin Tunde Rahman, for statement, clear di air on wetin Tinubu really mean.

For statement e explain say, e just mean say go voters fit need to update dia PVCs.

“E mistakenly use di word ‘expire’ instead of stating say di cards go fit need to dey updated.Immediately dem tell am, Asiwaju apologise for di incorrect statement and e bin feel sorry for any confusion e fit don cause.” Di statement tok.

Di statement add say Tinubu ask de women to continue to mobilise voters to update dia PVCs and epp ginger pipo to vote.

PVC fit expire?

According to di Chief Press Secretary to di Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC chairman, Rotimi Oyekanmi, PVC no fit expire.

Oyekanmi post ontop Twitter on Wednesday say PVC wey Inec dey issue no fit expire. E add say e no get expiry date on am and as long as say di security chip wey dey ontop never damage, e remain valid.

“Registered voters no need to register again. Double registration na offence.” E tok.

Man wey dey hold im PVC

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Wetin be PVCs?

PVC na Permanent Voters Card.

Dis na di identification wey registered voters dey carry go polling stations so dem go fit vote for General elections for Nigeria.

E dey store and protect information about di holder like biometric data wey include physical features, thumbprints among odas.

Na card reader, dem fit use to get di informate wey di card dey hold.