Abuja rice pyramid: Dem use wood pad rice pyramid wey Buhari unveil?

Di rice pyramid wey president Buhari unveil for Abuja on January 18, 2022


One viral photo wey show rice pyramid wey dem load on top wooden scaffolds no be from di rice pyramid wey Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari unveil on Tuesday for Abuja.

Di photo of rice dem load on top wood na event wey happun for 2018 for Ogun state, Southwestern Nigeria.

Di image appear for Nairaland forum for January 2018 and e don appear for plenty places over di years.

But investigation by BBC Disinformation Unit for Nigeria wey use reverse image search show di trending image of rice pyramid na from wetin Ogun state goment do.

Pipo dey share di image for social media, especially on Facebook and WhatsApp to discredit display of pyramids wey Nigeria goment make from rice wey beneficiaries of Anchor Borrower Programme of di Central Bank of Nigeria harvest.

Social media users dey share di old image as response to video of di rice pyramid wey Lauretta Onochie, President Buhari special assistant on new media share as she dey commend di president agriculture initiative.

“Lauretta Onochie wen you finish sharing propaganda video of rice Pyramids, carry Buhari go wia di pyramid dey and buy…” na so dem caption one of di old pictures.

Fact Check

Truth be say di rice pyramid dem display for di Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industries no get any wooden base – dem arrange di bags of rice on top waterproof material, e dey different from wetin pipo see for di viral picture of 2018.

Bags of rice wey dem arrange from ground go up

Bags of rice wey dem arrange from ground go up

Also, di bags wey dem pack for Abuja no be di same wit di ones wey dey for di old foto.

Di image from di Ogun state rice harvest also appear to dey on top pyramid wey small compared to di pyramids wey president Buhari unveil for Abuja.

Lauretta don also use fotos and video show how dem build di rice pyramid for Abuja. Di images no show wooden scaffolds under di pyramids.

Investigation for di site show say na rice actually dey inside di bags wey dem pack and no be husk or sand as some pipo tok for social media.

Arrangement of rice wey dem neva mill but no be sand or husk as pipo dey tok for sociam media

Arrangement of rice wey dem neva mill but no be sand or husk as pipo dey tok for sociam media

Chairman of Rice Farmers Association (Rifan), Aminu Goronyo tell BBC say e take a total of three months to build di pyramids.

Federal goment launch di Anchor Borrowers Programme through di CBN to grant loan to small holder farmers so dem go fit promote agriculture and to reduce food importation.

Di goment claim say dat rice rice pyramid dem unveil for Abuja na di biggest for di kontri and say di quantity of rice wey dem don produce for Nigeria don almost double since Buhari enta goment for 2015.