Kaycee Madu: Why Alberta Premier suspend Nigerian born Canadian Justice minister and wetin e say hapun

Nigerian-born Canadian, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General for Alberta Kaycee Madu don chop suspension from im ministerial duties.

Premier of di province of Alberta, Jason Kenney na im give dis order for oga Madu to ‘step back’ until dem complete one investigation into im alleged traffic offence.

Wetin happun wey lead to Madu suspension?

According to report, one police officer bin hand over $300 distracted driving ticket to Kaycee Madu for allegation say e dey tok on im phone as e dey drive through Edmonton School zone on March 10, 2021.

Later, report come allege say oga Madu immediately call city chief of Police, and dis na act wey di opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) dey interpret now to mean political interference.

Afta many tok-tok for di mata and reports from media organization, di Premier of Albert come tweet about im decision on di mata

Wetin Alberta Premier tok?

Premier of di province of Alberta, Jason Kenney tok for both im Facebook and Twitter account steps wey im don take to address di mata.

“I don tok with Minister Madu about di March 10 incident wey dem report for media today. I send am my serious disappointment for im decision to contact di Edmonton Police Chief afta e receive ticket for traffic violation.”

Minister Madu tell me say e no make any request for dem to cancel di ticket or get any plan for mind to interfere for di case, and dat e shaperly pay di ticket. I understand say Chief McFee don confam say at no time wey di minister seek make dem cancel di ticket.”

Nevertheless, e dey important say dem maintain di independent administration of justice. Dat na why I go appoint respected independent investigator to review di relevant facts and to know weda any interference dey for di administration of justice dey inside dis case.”

For di meantime, I don ask Minister Madu to step back from im ministerial duties. Minister Sonya Savage go act as Minister of Justice and Solicitor General during Minister Madu leave of absence. Details about di independent review go come out for public in di near future.” E tok.

Wetin Kaycee Madu tok say happun?

Oga Madu don deny di claims wey dey go round say im ask Edmonton police chief to cancel di ticket wey one police officer give am.

E tok for im Facebook page say many pipo don reach out to am wanting to know di circumstances of di ticket wey e receive and e later call to di Edmonton Police Service Chief, Dale McFee.

“On di morning of March 10, I dey scheduled to meet with di media for di Rotunda of di Legislature before Question Period to address dia questions and speak to matas wey concern di Lethbridge Police Service. Minutes afta I leave my house on my way to di Legislature. One officer of di Edmonton Police Service stop me.

“Di officer show me say im don observe say I dey distracted as I dey drive, alleging say I dey on my phone. I disagree with am, stating say I no dey on my phone, as e dey for inside pocket. To dey very clear my phone dey inside di left hand side pocket of my suit and I dey wear one winter jacket. I identify myself and drive comot.

Later, I speak to Chief McFee to share di experience wey I just get, and specifically for two reasons. First, because of di timing of di incident, I want to make sure say I no dey unlawfully monitored sake of di Lethbridge Police Service controversy, and in particular with di fact say I dey on my way to legislature on a day wey I suppose meet with di media to address and answer questions around calls for action to deal with di ongoing issues for di Lethbridge Police Service. “

Second, I also raise concerns around profiling of racial minorities wey dey for di media at di time and want am to hear about my own experience. As Minister, pipo dey constantly bring dis concerns to my attention. Di reason why I dey proceed for di legislature with Bill 63 to ban carding wey I table for first reading on April 7, 2021. I wan to share dis personal experience and encounter with di Chief of Police. “

Chief McFee assure me say dat na most definitely not di case, and I accept im word.”

Oga Madu say e want to dey abundantly clear, at no point wey e request say make dem cancel di ticket.

“I fit assure say in my life I no go ever do any such tin,” Madu tok.

“As I don tok dis one, with more understanding now I fit see how dem fit see di mata. E get one saying wey go like dis, perception na everything in politics, and I regret raising di issue at all with Chief McFee.

Madu say e pay di ticket fully and shaperly and for im role as di Justice Minister and Solicitor General, e don work diligently to make sure say dem build province wey everybody go dey welcomed.

“Finally, I don always defend di men and women wey put on di uniform to serve. I get di utmost respect for dem, and for di invaluable, often thankless role wey dem perform.

With all these for my mind, I be di kind of pesin wey dey always hold myself accountable for my actions. I respect di premier direction for me to take temporary leave of absence until di outcome of di independent investigation,” Madu conclude.

Who be Kaycee Madu

Nigerian-born Canadian Kelechi Madu alias Kaycee Madu become di Minister of Justice and Solicitor General of Alberta on on August 25, 2020.

Dey born and raise Madu for di South-eastern part of Nigeria where e attend di University of Lagos and graduated with Bachelor of Laws Honours degree.

Dem later call am to bar for Nigeria and for 2005, im and e wife immigrate to Canada.

According to informate about Madu on Alberta website, e don be lawyer for 16 years, practicing for both Nigeria and Alberta.

Dem first elect am to di legislative Assembly of Alberta on April 16, 2019, as di MLA for Edmonton-South West.

For 2009, alongside one team wey e work with for di public service, dem award Madu di Premier Award of Excellence for di bronze medal category.

Madu dey married to a Nigerian woman, Emem and e be father to three pikin, di Alberta website tok.