Comoros Island, population, language and oda tins to know about di kontri wey beat Ghana for shock victory for Afcon 2021

A Comoros fan at the Africa Cup of Nations

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Some Ghanaian football fans neva still believe wetin hapun to dem for di 2021 Africa Cup of nations final group match on Tuesday evening.

Comoros wey dey play for Afcon for di first time pursue four time champions Ghana afta dem beat dem 3-2 for di match wey bin get plenti action, tension, suspense and drama.

Ghana and Comoros for Afcon

Dis na di first time wey Comoros dey play for di Afcon finals and na dia first Afcon win be dis.

Dem don make name as dem remove regulars Ghana, and na di first time di West African nation dey comot for Afcon for group stage in 16 years.

Comoros na number 132 for FIFA World ranking while Ghana na 52.

Na also di first time Ghana no fit win any match for Group stage since 23 appearances and na only one point Ghana get.

Comoros defender Salim Ben Boina and Andre Ayew of Ghana

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Comoros defender Salim Ben Boina and Andre Ayew of Ghana

Comoros balance for 3rd position for Group C wit 3 points and dem get small chance to qualify to di round of 16 as one of di best losers.

Africa and di world still dey surprise as di tin take happun, football fans come begin ask who be Comoros and wia e dey.

Wetin you need to know about Comoros

Comoros na one Island for Africa, dia real name na “di Union of Comoros” and dia capital na Moroni wey be di largest city.

Dia major religion na Islam.

Na island wey near di Indian Ocean, Mozambique Channel of si eastern cost of Africa.

Women sorting flowers in the Comoros Islands

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Women sort flowers wey dem dey use for perfume for Comoros wey dem dey also call di ”perfumed islands”

E get boundary wit Madagascar and Mayotte for di southeast and Tanzania for di northwest, e also dey near Seychelles.

And na about four Islands na im joinbodi to form di kontri.

Na about 850,000 pipo make up dia population.

Na Arabic, French, Comoran wey be a combination of Swahili and Arabic na im be dia major language dem.

Na Comoran Franc be di money dem dey use.

Radio na dia major medium to get information, but dem still get oda private newspaper dem.

Dem get state owned Radio, Television and Newspaper.

Comoran rebel Captain Combo and French mercenary Bob Denard

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Captain Ayouba Combo, left, and French mercenary Bob Denard bin plan coup for 1995 but e no work. di kontri don suffer from plenti kasala

For 1952, cartographer Diego Ribero na im find Comoros islands for European map.

Comoros become French protectorate for 1886.

For 1912, Comoros officially become French colony wey dem dey control from Madagascar.

For 1947, Comoros become overseas territory of France wit pesin wey dey represent dem for parliament.

For 1961, Dem give Comoros freedom.

Na for 1974 three of di islands joinbodi vote for Independence.

President-elect Azali Assoumani

President Azali Assoumani

Inside 1975, Comoros declare independence and na Ahmed Abdallah be dia president dat time.

From 1975 till now, dem don change leadership plenti times and get plenti coups too until 2010 wen dem do election and Ikililou Dhoinine win as president.

E enta office May, 2011.

Azali Assoumani na di current president of Comoros and na since 2016 e don dey office and na di third time e dey become president for di kontri.

E bin rule di kontri from1999 to 2002 and from 2002 to 2006.