Nigeria vs Guinea Bissau: Super Eagles clash with Wild Dogs for dia Afcon 2021 final group game – Wetin to know

Guinea issau and Nigerian players

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Nigeria Super Eagles go face Wild Dogs of Guinea Bissau for Match Day three of di 2021 Africa Cup of Nations , (Afcon) for di Stade Roumdé Adjia in Garoua, Cameroon on Wednesday by 8pm.

Di Eagles dey top of Group D afta dia 1-0 win over Egypt on Tuesday and 3-1 win over Sudan last Saturday.

If dem win, dem go be di first team to gada nine points from di group stage of di 2021 Afcon tournament.

Victory for di Wild Dogs go put dem in beta place to qualify for di next round of di Afcon for di first time in history. Dis go dey determined by di outcome of di second group D match between Egypt and Sudan.

Guinea Bissau neva win any of dia matches for Afcon since dem begin come di tournament. Dem dey either loose or draw.

Eagles vs Wilds Dogs Head to Head

Both teams neva meet before for international games, dis game go be dia first meeting.

According to di latest ranking for December, Guinea-Bissau dey 106 for di world and dem dey 24th for di African continent.

Nigeria dey rank 36th for di world and fifth for Africa.

Di Wild Dogs neva score one goal for di 2021 Afcon even though dem get one point from di goalless draw dem play wit Sudan.

Dis na dia third appearance for Afcon and dem neva pass group stage before for history.

Di Super Eagles na three times Afcon champions and di 2021 edition na dia 19th outing for di tournament.

Wetin Super Eagles coach tok ahead of di match

Augustine Eguavoen, Nigerian coach

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Coach Austin Eguavoen say dem no expect di game to dey smooth for 90 minutes, but dia target na to convert dia chances to result and dem hope to see improvements for di match.

“Some kontris dey raise dia game anytime dem wan play Nigeria, we go dey ready on Wednesday” na so di coach tok.

E add say dem go respect dia opponents but dem ‘no go comot foot off di pedal’.

Wetin Guinea Bissau tok

Baciro Cande wey be di Wild Dogs coach say dem don ready for di game.

E say “we go get plenti difficulties but we go play our game as usual like before and wit little lucky point to qualify”.

“Nigeria na traditionally a very strong team, we sabi dat. Dem show am for dia first two games, but we wan qualify for di next phase” na so Cande tell tori pipo on Tuesday.