How gunmen shoot wife, kill her mama and co-wife during burial of husband for Anambra state

“Dem ask me to step out, tell my mother to step and ask my co-wife to step out. Dem single di three of us out tell me say I get just two minutes to explain to dem wetin kill my husband before dem begin shoot us.”

Dis na wetin 27-year-old Chidinma Benita Okwuibe wey some gunmen shoot alongside her mama, and co-wife during her late husband burial for Obosi, Anambra state tell BBC Pidgin.

Chidinma survive di shooting afta dem rush am go hospital but her mama and co-wife die from di attack.

How e happun

Chidinma sister, Faith tok for interview wit BBC Pidgin how some men wey wear mask take storm di burial begin shoot her sister, her mama and her sister co-wife.

E happun on Thursday, 13 January, 2021 di day wey dem lay di late 33 years old Jeremiah Onyedika Anyaebunam to rest.

Afta dem bury Jeremiah, Faith say dem come outside come sidon wit Chidinma as pipo still dey come for condolence.

“Suddenly me I see four men wey wear mask rush dey come di venue of di burial. Wen pipo wey still siddon under di canopy see dem, dem run comot.”

“Because di husband na young man, we bin first tink say na im fellow youth wey come do show of anger. But we-my sister, my mum- and some oda pipo wey be like six run make bullet no meet us, we run enta di house.”

Na me even bolt di iron door. Dem come begin dey hit di door say make we open. Na dia I come tok for my mind say dis one no longer be show of anger, e be like na armed robbers .”

Faith say she bin wonder wetin armed robbers go come do for inside burial.

“Wen dem later gain access to di room, dem begin shout for us say make we come outside, dem make us lie down for ground as we come outside.”, she tok.

She add am say “Na Chidinma be di last pesin to come out . Wen she be wan lie down for ground wit us, dem bring her out to wia we put canopy for front of di compound.”Dem look around, see my mama ask her to come outside too.”

Faith say dem also tell her co-wife wey be Jeremiah elder brother wife to also come out before dem shoot three of dem.

“Dem ask my mama to stand up from wia she dey lie down and ask her wetin happun. My mama begin shout dey tok say she dey innocent, she dey innocent, say God sabi say she dey innocent.”

Faith say dem shoot her mama . “she vibrate wen dem shoot am di first time but wen dem shoot am di second time, she no vibrate, to show say she bin don die for di first one wey dem shoot am.”

She say dem shoot di co-wife and later come back to shoot her sister again in close range. Dem shoot Chidinma three times.

‘Dem never bury my husband reach two hours wen dem shoot me’

Chidinma dey hospital since di day of di incident – But she don dey recover small-small.

“Before I no fit waka, but as from yesterday I fit waka without wheelchair.” She tell BBC Pidgin.

Chidinma say before di masked men shoot her, dem bin ask her wetin hapun to her husband.

“I sidon wear dem give me sit, burial don finish, only few pipo dey. I no tink say e reach up to two hours wen e hapun. Dem just come back from where dem bury am becos dem say I no fit go dia, em come back around after 4 to five and e hapun around 6:00pm.

“Dem cock di gun and tell me say I get just two minutes to explain wetin kill my husband. I try explain, dey beg dem say dem fit carry me go any shrine to swear say I go swear say I no know wetin hapun to my husband say I start to dey date my husband since 2012, say I no tink I go come hurt am now wen we don marry. Dem no hear my beg. Na so dem shoot me.

She say she want justice.

“My number one reason na to be alive first, I no wan make dem succeed, since God give me second chance I want make e complete am. I no do anytin, di only tin I do na to love and serve my husband. If I get well secondly I want justice becos I know say na hire dem hire those assassins to kill me.” She tok.

According to Chidinma, she meet her late husband in 2012. She say dia love tori start wen Jeremiah go sometimes come to di shop wia she dey learn computer to charge im phone.

Chidinma describe Jeremiah as a peaceful man, di best loving man in di world.

Chidinma say Jeremiah die on 6 December. 2021, two days to im 33 years birthday afta im get wound for leg wey dey very bad and no gree heal.

According to tori, police dey investigate di mata and don arrest some suspects ontop di mata.