Ghana upcoming gospel musician Prince Adu-Boahen die with en wife and two kids inside accident for Ghana

De family of Prince no yet recover from de pain of en loss, En brother Michael pause for some seconds to organize imself during dis interview.

He start dey build career for himself in gospel music but unfortunately death snatch am away.

De late Prince Adu-Boahen, wey chop 37 years die together inside car accident with en wife and two kids on dema way to funeral late last year.

De news of de accident and loss of everyone in his nuclear family break de hearts of family and friends who dey struggle to understand how something like dis fit happen.

Dem die in de early hours of Saturday, November 6, 2021 on de Dahwenya road for Accra.

Unfortunately de accident take de life of all occupants which be de entire family of Minister Prince.

Who be Prince Adu-Boahen

Minister Prince be “devoted Christian who devote en life to Christ” en brother Michael talk BBC Pidgin.

Popularly known as ‘Russia’ among en age mates sake of he stay for Russia during en studies for Rostov State Economic University.

He graduate from dis school with Masters in Accounting, Auditing and Analysis.

Upon returning to Ghana, he build career for himself as accountant but he add church activities to en lifestyle.

He venture into music but never go out fully as professional, but he use en musical talent take help en church who come dey depend on am.

Wife and kids who die plus am

Prince marry Doris, 36 years wey dem get two kids, Kwasi wey chop 4 years and Aseye dema daughter who be 2 years old.

Minister Prince en brother say de family painfully bury all of dem sake of none of dem survive de accident.

However dem go ahead to bury de kids before de wife and husband.

Burial for Akim-Oda

De family bury Prince inside Microphone casket wey dem bury en wife inside pen casket.

Hundreds of people gather for de funeral under to mourn with de family who lose all four members of Prince family at once.

Tears flow from family people who no dey fit console themselves sake of de lifestyle and impact of Prince in dia life.

Despite de pain of de loss, Michael talk BBC Pidgin say “we leave everything to God. God be wanna strength.”