Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn enter one public gbas gbos sake of past relationship

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears

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Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears together in 2003

Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn don enter one public fight sake of one fresh TV interview and dia past relationship.

Di singer bin accuse her younger sister say she use one interview wey she do on Wednesday to promote her new book “at my expense”.

Britney say Jamie Lynn bin “never get to work for anything” and di family “love to pull me down and hurt me”.

Jamie Lynn say all di things wey Britney tok “no be di truth at all” and she dey “always dey there ” for her sister.

Di 30-year-old also tok say she gatz to explain to her children say “why our family continue to dey get death threats, be sake of dia aunty unclear and accuse posts, especially wen we sabi say she fit tok di truth”.

Britney dey always bad-mouth her family sake of how dem treat her during her 13-year conservatorship, dat time, na her papa Jamie bin dey control her money and lifestyle. Na court bin end di arrangee for November.

Wetin Jamie Lynn Spears tok?

Jamie Lynn Spears

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Jamie Lynn Spears say she dey always be her big sister “biggest supporter”

Britney sister bin do one interview wit ABC Good Morning America earlier dis week to promote her diary; Things wey I suppose don tok.

Di book allegedly dey about her own life story, including her young daughter near death accident for 2017, her relationship wit Britney and di role wey she play for di singer delicate conservatorship wey she bin do.

During di interview, Jamie Lynn bin describe herself as “my sister biggest supporter” and say she “bin take steps to help” end di conservatorship.

But according to ABC, she also describe Britney past behaviour for di book as “unstatble”, “paranoid” and “twisting”.

She tok for di programme say: “When di conservatorship dey put into place I be 17 years old, I dey about to get pikin, so I no understand wetin dey happen,and i no focus on dat.”

Jamie Lynnbin go on to suggest say her sister don meet her to ask if she “go be di person wey go make sure say her boys get wetin dem need”, something wey she gree to do.

But, she bin continue: “Once I realise dat, ‘you know wetin, she be conservatorship’, I feel like I no just want to be part of am until maybe wen she commot for di conservatorship. So e no get me wey dey oversee funds or something like dat, and if dat one be di tin , den na misunderstanding, but anyhow, i no take steps to be part of am.”

How Britney take respond?

Britney Spears

Britney Spears dey released from her 14-year conservatorship for November

For twitter Britney say: “I bin look at my phone and I see say my sister do her interview to promote her book.

“Di two things wey no bother me say my sister tok say be how my behaviour dey out of control.

“She no dey around me much 15 years ago dat time… so why we even dey talk about dat unless she want take me sell book .”

Britney also tok sa she still dey vex say Jamie Lynn bin performe remix of her hit songs.

“I know say e fit sound like one silly thing to plenti pipo but I write plenti of my songs and my sister be di baby,” di 40-year-old pop star bin write. “She never get to work for anything. Everything bin always dey given to her.

“I always be di bigger person. Dey all gas to do am and play me and I dey always sit there and take am.”

She also add: “Hope your book go do well Jamie Lynn.”

Where things tanda now?

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears for di Teen Choice Awards 2002

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Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears for di Teen Choice Awards for 2002

Jamie Lynn Spears now respond to Britney reply, she tell her Instagram followers: “make i dey frank, di things she tok absolutely no be di truth.”

She say her bookno dey about Britney only , but add say: “I no fit help say dem born me as Spears too, and say some of my experiences bin involve my sister.”

Jamie Lynn, wey bin star for di Nickelodeon TV show All Dat and Zoey 101 and don release her own music ,say di “unhealthy gbas gbos wey don control my life for so long”.

She write: “I don work hard since before I even become teenager, and I don build my career in spite say i no just be someone little sister.

“No sides, and I no want drama, but I dey speak my truth to heal my traumas, so I go fit close dis chapter and move forward, and I wish my sister fit do di same.”

Meanwhile, tori pipo Di Sun bin report say Britney go sit down wit Oprah Winfrey for one tok-all interview later dis year.

Datone never dey confirmed, but Britney bin show her interest for Twitter say she wan dey interviewed by Oprah.