Twitter Login: Nigeria social media shutdown cost 5,040 hours, $1.45bn in 2021 – Report

Nigerian Twitter ban and VPN: Twitter micro blogging site, local ISPs reply FG #TwitterBan

Twitter Public Policy add say dem go work to restore access for all those in Nigeria wey dey rely on Twitter to communicate and connect with di world.

Social media shutdown for Nigeria cost di country nearly $1.5 billion US dollars.

Na Nigeria di tin affect pass for di whole of Africa and second for di world afta Myanma.

Myanma lose about $2.8 billion, according to one new global study on di economic cost of deliberate internet shutdown.

Nigeria lift di suspension of Twitter operations for di kontri on Wednesday 12 January, 2022, afta 222-days of ban by di goment.

Data according to TOP10VPN


African kontris wey internet shutdown affect

Ethiopia na di second-most affected kontri for Africa afta dem lose $164.5 million, Sudan follow wit $151.6 and Uganda wit $109.7 million.

More dan half of di 21 kontris wey experience major shutdowns bin dey inside Sub-Saharan Africa.

Oda kontriss from di region on di list include;

Burkina Faso – $35.9 million

Eswatini – $2.9 million

Republic of Congo – $2.5 million

Zambia – $1.8 million

Chad – $1.6 million

Senegal – $323,953

South Sudan – $269,987.

Data according to TOP10VPN


Last year, Sub-Saharan Africa lose $1.9 billion due to intentional social media and internet shutdown by goment.

Why goment dey shutdown or regulate internet?

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Di intentional shutdown of di internet lead to global economic loss of $5.45 billion.

More dan half of these internet shutdown na part of goment effort to manage protests and elections.

Oda reasons include information control during conflict, elections and coups.

Dis na according to report by one UK based digital privacy and security research group Top10VPN.

For Uganda, dem restrict online services seriously before di 14 January 2021 elections.

E happun afta di goment order telecom companies to block access to social media platforms as a “revenge”.

For di world, research show say three out of four reasons why goment dey shutdown internet relate to human rights abuses, according to di report wey Top10VPN release.