Nigeria election 2023: Tinubu, Umahi and Uzor Kalu declare intentions – See steps to become Nigeria president

Na season of declaration of political interest for who go be di next Nigeria president as di year 2023 dey knock door.

From di national chairman of di ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) party, Ahmed Tinubu, to Ebonyi state govnor, David Umahi and di Chief Whip of di Senate, Orji Uzor Kalu, all of dem don come out to declare interest to become di next presidential candidate to carry APC ticket.

So far though, na only interest all of dem don declare, but to become di presidential candidate of any party for Nigeria and finally di president, dis na di steps any interested pesin suppose take.

Nigeria dey run democratic system of goment and e get rules and principles for elections.

Steps to become Nigeria president

Presidential election ballot box


Di 1999 Constitution of di Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended for 2018 give di criteria wey pesin need to become di president.

To lead Nigeria you must be:

  • Citizen of Nigeria
  • Reach di age of 35
  • Get at least secondary school certificate or equivalent.
  • Belong to political party and di party must to sponsor you

How to make party sponsor you

Di first step na to openly declare your interest to your party say you wan be dia candidate for di presidential election.

Den you go buy application form for di position you wan contest for.

Afta dat di party go do primary elections. Primary elections na internal process wey parties dey take choose dia political candidate for di next general elections.

Dis na selection process wey involve all party members, even ordinary ones fit participate for di voting.

But dis kain election dey two types, party primary elections fit be direct or indirect primaries.

For direct primaries all members, big and small go come out vote for candidate wey dem believe say go win di election.

While for indirect primaries, na just few members of di parties dey vote for who go be dia candidate.

In recent times enough gbas gbos don happun between di executive arm of goment and di members of Nigeria National Assembly as President Muhammadu Buhari no gree accent to di Electoral Act Amendment Bill wey wan sign direct primaries into law as di rule for all parties to follow.

Zoning na factor to decide next Nigeria president?

One major factor wey some parties dey consider before dem present candidates for primaries na di issue of zoning.

Zoning na very big mata for Nigeria politics. Although e no dey for constitution, big political parties dey use am to determine which part of di kontri president go come from.

Zoning na very controversial issue for Nigeria politics.

While some politicians dey call for am, odas dey reject am unto say na di best wey to select unfit candidates. E still get di politician wey dey swing both sides, today dem want zoning, tomorrow dem no want, depending on how tins take be on ground.

So, for pesin to begin qualify to win party ticket as presidential candidate for im party go also depend on weda di party wan consider zoning. If yes, which zone dem wan shift di presidency go.

Wen you finally get your party ticket as dia candidate, you go contest for di election under your party umbrella.

To be declared winner and di next president of Nigeria, you must to win 2/3 majority of di vote wey must to spread across all di kontri six geopolitical zones.