Cameroon vs Ethiopia: Afcon 2021 prediction, preview as Indomitable Lions look to quench Cameroonians hunger for clinical victory against Ethiopia

Cameroon fans


De Indomitable Lions of Cameroon di carry about 20 million Cameroonian fans weh na also coaches for dia shoulders as number 33 Africa Cup of Nations start.

De first match of de 33rd Africa Cup of Nations, Cameroon 2021, against de Stallions of Burkina Faso for Group A show how fans di hungry for see Lions win wit style.

Captain Aboubakar Vincent weh e score de two Cameroon goals from penalties, say even though deh win, dia play no convince fans.

Though Cameroon kam from one goal down, win Burkina Faso 2-1 on penalties, fans dia joy no complete as deh bi wan see de team score clinical goals.

Antonio Conceicao and e squad go meet Ethiopia wit de advantage say de pick three points for first match. Ethiopia bow to Cape Verde as dem lose 1-0.

But, Ethiopia no go just let de Lions tear dem wit no fight as deh go do everything for pick three points to raise de hope of dia kontri.

“De match go tough if we consider weti happen for first group games. Na true say Cameroon win and Ethiopia loss dia first game, we know say na match weh e get stakes becos de winner go get beta chance for qualify for next round’, Lions supporter, Sule Njing tok.

Cameroon vs Ethiopia Afcon history

Cameroon and Ethiopia meet very few taims. De two teams meet for Afcon for 1970, when Cameroon beat Ethiopia 3-2.

Since weh Ivory coast beat Cameroon for 2015, no kontri nova try dem for group stage for de past seven years.

Walia Ibex (Ethiopian National Team) di witness goal drought for de past nine years and deh nova win any Afcon game.

Cameroon di bank on dia star players laik Choupo Moting and odas weh deh di sell dia craft outside Cameroon.

Ethiopia squad only two players outside de kontri, El Gouna Shemeles Bekele and Mujib Kassim for JS Kabylie, Algeria.

Striker, Getaneh Kebede go captain de East African team against Cameroon, Thursday, January 13.

Cameroon and Ethiopia no get any Covid-19 issues as deh ready for dis second match for Group A.

‘We know say Cameroon na strong team’

Cameroon midfielder Samuel Oum Gouet ahead of di match sey weti bi important na for de Indomitable Lions to grab di three points.

“We di prepare for dis game, na different and special game,” E tok.

“Weti bi important na for grab de three points. Ah no know how, but ah know say we get for win dis game. For manage pressure, me and my mates just put we eyes and head for football, noting more”.

“We prepare well, we know say Cameroon get strong squad wit experience, but we bi ready for win,” na so Mesud Mohammed Mussa of Ethiopia tok for di pre-match press conference.

“We team suffer defeat for first game, wit one man down, dis stress player mentally and physically. We don put de game for back.

“We strong for head and we don recover physically. We know say Cameroon na strong team, we love dem when deh represent Africa wit player laik Samuel Eto’o but tomorrow we go play good game.”

Cameroon vs Ethiopia prediction

Fans dem say deh di mobilize for go support Lions for Olembe stadium.

“Lions di make we proud and we get for support dem. We support dem for first match and dis match against Ethiopia no go bi different”, Peter Ngala, Lions fan tok.

For Ngala, Lions go win Ethiopia 2-0. While Ethiopian fan Joseph Paul say di game go end 2-1 as win for Walia Ibex.