Linda Osifo: ‘I bin consider bleaching because pipo say my skin dey like monkey own’

Linda Osifo: ‘I bin consider bleaching because pipo say my skin dey like monkey own’
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Nollywood actor Linda Osifo don tok about her journey for life and how she enta Nigeria movie industry.

For exclusive interview with BBC Pidgin, Osifo say she bin leave Nigeria go abroad as pikin but come discover say she need to return to di kontri.

Di Edo state born actress say she dey happy about her achievement so far for di industry.

I bin wan bleach

Nollywood actor Linda Osifo


Osifo say she bin consider to bleach her skin sake of how pipo dey tok about her colour.

Di superstar actress say thought of changing her colour worry her as pipo condemn her complexion.

“Wen I bin dey grow up I come begin reason to bleach my skin because pipo come dey tok say dis one wey I get no be fine colour. Dem say my colour be like monkey colour.”

Journey to Nollywood

“Dem carry me comot from Benin city wen I dey eight years old and dat na time wey I just begin discover my sef.” Osifor tok as she narrate her journey to Nollywood.

“I dey 16 years wen I realise say na acting I wan do for life. At dat age I dey very involve for school drama and acting for church,” di actress tok.

Linda Osifo say by di time she reach 22 years she leave Canada come return to Nigeria to start professional acting career for 2013.

“Dem reject me many times. Wen I start many producer no know me. Dem no know who I be. E get many times I go-go audition and nobody go call me.”

Desperate Housewives

Osifo add say despite di rejection she no stop to look for opportunity.

“Na 2015 I get my big break wen Mo Abudu involve me for her project wey be ‘Desperate Housewives’ wey make dem nominate me for Best Actress award.

“Na dat one give me hope say I go do well for di industry. I look dat 2015 and now, na just to thank God.”