Soun of Ogbomoso died: Oba Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi death, Olusegun Obasanjo mourn

Soun of Ogbomoso, a first class king for Ogbomoso land, Oyo State don die.

Oba Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi die at di age of 95 on Sunday, 12 December, 2021.

Oba Oladunni Oyewumii di 20th Soun of Ogbomoso and im become king for 1973.

After di monarch join im ancestor, some of those wey visit di palace na former Oyo state governor Otunba Alao Akala.

Na both Christian and Muslim clerics bin come di palace to pray for di late king and Ogbomoso town.

Dem pray say as di king die, Ogbomoso no go scatter.

Bishop Titus Babatunde Olayinka dey part of di pipo wey lead prayer for di Soun palace and im tok say na everybodi go feel di absence of di king.

“Nobodi fit tok say dis man no do well. Di war wey im fight and everything wey im do for di town show say im fight battle and win am.

“Baba na Muslim but us wey be Christians dey always come im palace to pray for am,” Bishop Olayinka tok.

Muslim clerics bin enta di palace around 12pm to pray for di soul of di king.

One senior official for di palace tell BBC Yoruba say na true say di king bin join im ancestors on Sunday.

Who be Soun of Ogbomoso?

Na on di 27th of May 1926 dem born Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi, Ajagungnade III.

Dem born am to di Gbagun ruling house for Ogbomoso Land wey dey Oyo State south-west Nigeria.

Oyewumi become di Soun of Ogbomoso for October 24, 1973.

Na Oba Bello Afolabi Oyewumi Ajagungbade II and Ayaba Seliat Olatundun Oyewumi born di late King.

And im bi successful businessman before he become king.

Oba Oyewumi bin lose one of im sons, Pastor Olumide Oyewumi for December 2020.

Di Soun palace never disclose any posible cause of death of di 95-year-old king.

Soun of Ogbomoso died: Oba Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi death, Olusegun Obasanjo mourn

Mourners dey sign condolence register for Soun of Ogbomoso palace afta news of Oba Jimoh Oyewumi death.

Olusegun Obasanjo mourn Soun of Ogbomoso

Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo mourn say im don loss a great friend.

“I fit still clearly remember Oyewumi contribution to social life in Jos in di 1960s and 70s.”

Obasanjo say di late king bin live a life of not only of service but also of peace among im fellow Obas and within im own community.

OBJ pray say make God grant im family, di people of Ogbomoso and di entire Oyo state di grace to bear di heavy loss.

Soun of Ogbomoso died: Oba Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi death, Olusegun Obasanjo mourn

Na for October 2019 di Alagba die

Soun of Ogbomoso dey known for one popular tortoise – Alagba

Soun of Ogbomoso palace bin popular for Alagba – one tortoise wey bin live for over 300 hundred years before e die, according to palace officials.

Di tortoise bin dey popular in and outside Ogbomoso town.

Edey attract tourists from far and wide evriday.

According to tori, although di King, Oba Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi wey just die meet di tortoise for di palace, im ancestors before am na im find am for road.

Di tortoise wey dem dey popularly call Alagba, wey mean elder, get im own boy-boy for Soun palace inside Ogbomoso and dem no dey less than two per time.

Soun of Ogbomoso died: Oba Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi death, Olusegun Obasanjo mourn


Tori be say na di papa of di late king find di tortoise for inside forest and come carri am enta palace.

E dey chop human being food like amala, rice, beans with plantain and fruits like pineapple, pawpaw and banana.

Animal sabi pipo den tok say di Ogbomoso tortoise live pass di age wey im mates for tortoise dey live.

Doctors neva visit Alagba and dem neva chook am injection before, according to di palace.