Ojodu Berger accident: Police say na two students die and 12 injure afta trailer jam dem for Ojodu Grammar school Lagos

Police for Lagos don confam say na two students and 12 odas injure for one trailer accident wey happen on Tuesday, 7 December for Ojodu Berger Lagos wen school children for di area close dey go home.

According to Lagos state police PRO, Adekunle Ajisebutu, di trailer allegedly bin get brake failure and driver loose control of di vehicle.

“As a result of di accident, two males die on di spot, seven females and five males wey be total of twelve victims sustain different kain injuries.”

Dem later identify di pipo as students of Bab Fafunwa Millennium School, Ojodu former Ojodu Grammar School.

Wetin shele

On afternoon of Tuesday 7 December, residents for di area wia di accident happen protest and some reports from local tori be say dem scata di trucks and oda vehicles.

According to one eye witness wey tok to BBC pidgin, di truck bin hit di school children as dem dey return home from studies.

BBC Pidgin tori pesin, Andrew Gift go di scene of wia di accident happun, wia e see student shoes plus palm leaf wey pipo use take cover di bodi part of di victims.

One pesin tok say dem don carry some of di children go hospital.

Residents for di area bin burn truck out of vex

Residents for di area bin burn truck out of vex

Meanwhile security agencies don reach di area to maintain peace and order afta di accident wey happun as riot bin break out and dem burn some trucks.

‘Na traffic officials dey chase di trailer’

Although e no clear which of di traffic agencies bin try stop di trailer before di accident, many pipo for di area tok say dem bin dey chase di truck for di road.

On eye witness tok say dem (traffic officials) bin dey try chase di trailer before di accident happun, but e follow tok say e no too sabi di full gist.

Im say wen e come out, e see di trailer dey try to escape VIO pipo and before e know di trailer jam di students as e dey try run.

Some of di student belongings still dey road

Some of di student belongings still dey road

Anoda pesin wey dey for di scene of di incident say im bin hear from pipo around say na trailer wey dey try dodge VIO pipo wey dey chase am jam di children.

Di exact number of students wey die or injure no clear as some eye witness account say na three, odas say e pass dat.

We no get hand for di accident – FRSC

Meanwhile di Federal Route Safety Corps (FRSC) don tok say dem no get for di accident as tori comot as traffic officers bein dey pursue di truck.

Di Sector Commander, Corps Commander Olusegun Ogungbemide tok say make pipo no follow di misinformation wey dey circulate say dem get hand for di mata.

E tok say dia officer follow help to clear di scene of di accident and restore free flow of traffic for di area.

“FRSC personnel rescue about seven of di victims and shaparly carry dem go Lagos State Emergency Centre, Ojota, while anoda road user help to carry about anoda seven go di same emergency centre.”

“We don arrest di driver” – Police

Police say dem don arrest di driver of di trailer wey jam and kill school pikins on Tuesday for Ojodu area of Lagos state.

Di tok-tok pesin Adekunle Ajisebutu say dem don begin investigation to confam wetin really happun.

Di DG of di Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (Lasema) follow share wetin dem sabi about dis accident.

Dr. Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu for statement tok say di agency receive distress call at 2:56 pm say truck accident shele for Ogunusi Road, Grammar School Bus-stop, Ojodu Berger.

Say di informat dem get from LASTMA and di police wey be dey di area be say one unidentified truck loos control and jam di students wey dey return from School.

Di statement follow tok say plenti pipo wound and odas die but sake of di mata, na so yard pipo vex, attack emergency and traffic officers, destroy vehicles and oda property plus say dem neva know di full number of casualties.

We dey keep eye on dis story and as e dey develop, we go update una.