Sylvester Oromoni video: Dowen College death – Thousands of Nigerians sign petition

Sylvester Oromoni video: Dowen College death - Thousands of Nigerians sign petition


More dan 180,000 pipo don sign petition dey demand justice afta di death of one 12-year-old boarding school pikin for Nigeria.

Sylvester Oromoni family accuse five fellow students for Dowen College Lagos of torturing dia son sake of say e refuse join cult group.

Im death don make plenty pipo vex for Nigeria and goment don close di school indefinitely.

Sylvester die on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 under circumstances wey no dey clear.

Dowen College for statement say di boy die sake of injury im get wen im dey play ball.

“Preliminary investigation show say fight-fight no dey, bullying or any form of attack on di boy,” di boarding school bin tok.

“All I want na justice,” Sylvester father, Sylvester Oromoni Senior, tell BBC News Pidgin.

Di papa of di late 12-year-old reject wetin di school tok about wetin happen.

Anoda family member – Sylvester cousin – also tok wetin im know about wetin happen.

E allege on Twitter say five boys bin block Sylvester, lock am for im hostel and give am one chemical to drink – nobody fit confirm wetin really happen because police neva tok anything because dem still investigate.

As officers continue dia investigation, Sylvester father tok say im want Dowen College to hand over di students wey allegedly accuse im son.

Hash tag #justiceforsylvester dey drive school bullying debate across Nigeria afta Dowen College student Sylvester Oromoni death.

Lagos state police commissioner Hakeem Odumosu tell BBC Pidgin on Friday say dem no go waste time to arrest and prosecute pipo wey get hand for Sylvester Oromonii death.

Oga Odumosu say investigation into di matter don start and police go take action immediately afta dia investigation.

One join body of national students say dem go set-up dia own committee.

“Di boy wey die na student before e die and Nans [the National Association of Nigerian Students] dey for di interest of all students,” di Vanguard newspaper quote Kappo Olawale Samuel of Nans.

Multiple petitions dey circulate online, wit di call on di authorities to prosecute those responsible for Sylvester Oromoni death and deliver justice to im family.

#JusticeForSylvester don continue to trend across social media since last week and pipo don create WhatsApp group for di same purpose.

Wetin be dis cult group?

Dowen College death: Sylvester Oromoni video

Illustration foto of cult initiation ceremony

Cult groups na secret societies originate from universities for Nigeria. Many of dem dey known for violence, harassing students, lecturers or anybody just to fit do how dem like.

Pipo don accuse dem say dem get hand for killings.

Sometimes initiation rites dey deadly – usually di initiation dey involve beatings, and oda dangerous practice so dat dem go fit make dia new members bold.

Tori don dey about how dem dey force secondary school girls to have sex wit as many male members as possible, for one ritual wey dem dey call “bamming” – di belief be say e go make dia mind strong.

Dem dey promise to protect dia members, networking opportunities and sometimes financial assistance.

To join a cult group na mostly about power and popularity. Anybody dem ask to join cult suppose see am as privilege, na dia belief be dat. E fit dey dangerous if you no gree.

But times don change and many so-called cult groups now operate off campus. Dem don spread enta street and even primary and secondary schools for Nigeria.

For April, police arrest a group of suspected cult members wey bin travel enta Lagos from one secondary school from neighbouring Ogun state to carry out revenge on anoda school group.

Earlier dis year, wit hope to discourage pipo from joining secret societies, di Lagos goment approve 21-year jail term for cultists.