Ghana Drivers Strike: Passengers stranded as drivers for Ghana embark on sit down strike

Drivers dey chillax for strike


Passengers across de capital, Accra make stranded for town as drivers embark on sit down strike starting today.

BBC Pidgin visit to Ashaiman station show as drivers covert de lorry station into football park.

Dem explain say de sit down strike go continue until govment do something about de situation.

De Coalition of Commercial Transport Owners say for two weeks now dem dey try get govment to reduce de prices but officials no dey kind dem, sake of dis dem embark on dis strike action.

According to de coalition, de recent price increase in fuel dey create hardships give dem, sake of that make govment take action den reduce prices.

Stranded passengers

Pesin wey dey find motor


Dis situation make most passengers no dey get cars go about dema business in town.

One lady, Margaret talk BBC Pidgin about her challenge.

“I catch de station before I realize say de drivers dey on strike.”

“Right now I dey go Oyibi but for like one hour now since I come de station but no car dey move” she add.

Another passenger talk BBC Pidgin say de situation be very frustrating.

“I make frustrated. I dey go meet my sister, I no even know de cat to pick so she for direct me. Now I catch here drivers say dem no dey work” Teye talk.

Fuel price increase for Ghana

In de last week of November, Ghanaians start dey agitate sake of sudden rise in fuel price which catch $1.14 dollars.

That be de second time fuel prices increase in de month of November alone.

Fuel prices start dey rise from January 2021 up to date.

Around January one liter of fuel cost $0.8, by February dis year e rise catch $0.82 and by March e reach $0.89.

But by October prices hit $1.08 dollars, only for de price to rise twice in November to hit de latest $1.14.

After public outcry fuel companies reduce de prices small from $1.14 go $1.11 dollars.

However for drivers, dis no be enough as dem dey struggle to cope plus de high prices.