Omicron variant: Nigeria don find three new cases of di new Covid variant

Omicron variant: Nigeria don find three new cases of di new Covid variant

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Pesin wey dey do covid test

Nigeria don get three more cases of di Omicron variant for Covid-19, according to di Nigerian Centre for Disease control.

Dis one wey add to di three wey dem bin find on di 1st of December don bring di total number of Omicon Covid-19 for di kontri to six.

NCDC for press release reveal say dem find out say all di Omicron cases wey dem don see so far na pipo wey just travel enta South Africa for November.

Di Omicron variant dey worry world pipo sake of say e fit pass from pesin to pesin sharp-sharp and e fit dodge di protection of di vaccine already on ground.

Na on di 26th of November, South African scientists discover di new variant of di disease wey cause global pandemic.

Howeva, South Africa reveal say di symptoms wey dem don see so far dey mild sotay dem no need to stay for hospital to treat am.

How to know if di Covid you catch na Omicron

Omicron variant: Nigeria don find three new cases of di new Covid variant

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Di nose and throat swabs wey dem dey do for di polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests wey dem dey send go lab go determine weda you get coronavirus.

Afta dat, e depend on d lab wey dem carry di samples go, some of dem dey wey get di technology wey go fit find weda wetin you get na Omicron variant or Delta variant.

Howeva no be all labs get am.

To test for di variant, di test go look for three genes wey connect to parts of di vaccine.

Dey be, spike (S), nucleocapsid or inner area (N2) and envelope or outer shell (E).

If dem detect di S gene, e mean say possibility dey say na Omicron so e og go for more testing.

Nigeria and di Omicron variant

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confam di first case of Omicron variant on Wednesday 1 December, 2021.

Di oga for NCDC, Dr. Ifedayo Adetifa for statement say dem identify two cases of di Omicron variant from travellers wey enta Nigeria from South Africa within last week.

Dr. Adetifa say dem detect di cases dem afta genomic sequencing wey dem cari out for NCDC National Reference Laboratory for Abuja.

Di NCDC Director General explain say even though di two cases wey dem find out now no dey show any symptom, dem don start to attend to dem clinically.

And dem don begin to do contact tracing, make arrangement to notify dia kontri of origin to also begin in kontri response.

Omicron variant: Nigeria don find three new cases of di new Covid variant


Omicron – Wetin Nigeria goment dey do?

In di wake of di Omicron variant, Nigeria goment don also sama some travel protocols to all travellers wey wan enta di kontri.

Dis one include: Covid test to be done within 48 hours before departure of all travellers, self isolation for 7 days for partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers

All travellers to Nigeria go also need do Post-arrival Day-2 Covid-19 test.

Nigerian goment don approve booster jabs for pipo wey don collect two doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Dem tok say di booster dose go give ”greater protection” against di virus ask Nigerians wey dey age 18 and above to take am.

Only about 2% of Nigeria population of more than 200 million so far, don dey fully vaccinated.

Di authorities don blame vaccine hesitancy for di low vaccination rate.