Gunung Semeru meletus video: Indonesia volcano death toll rise, pray for Semeru dey trend

WATCH: Video of the ash cloud in Indonesia’s island of Java.
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A total of 13 pipo na im dem dey report say die for Saturday Volcano wey burst for Indonesia

Na based on information on Sunday morning December 5, from di National Disaster Management Agency.

And at least 40 one pipo dey injured following di volcanic eruption of Mount Semeru.

Two dead victims don dey identified say dem come from di Kobokan and Kubuan clusters, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency, East Java.

Acting Head of BNPB Head of Data and Information, Abdul Muhari, say other 11 victims still dey in di process of being identified by di Lumajang BPBD.

Mount Semeru for Indonesia island of Java dark – covered wit thick smoke – afta di volcano burst open.

Gunung Semeru meletus video: Indonesia volcano death toll rise, pray for Semeru dey trend

A man wey dey waka ontop ash covered ground

Dozens don injure for di volcano eruption, officials tok on Saturday.

Videos on social media show pipo dey run from di clouds of ash wey dey come out from from Mount Semeru.

Witnesses describe nearby villages as e dey covered with debris, and thick smoke wey even cover di Sun, leaving di whole place in darkness.

Now di phrase “pray for Semeru” dey trend across di world.

Di deputy chief of Lumajang district say di number of pipo wey injure na 41, E say dem suffer burns.

Gunung Semeru meletus video: Indonesia volcanic eruption make pray for Semeru to trend


Indah Masdar call for helicopters to help rescue at least 10 pipo wey dey trapped inside buildings.

“We dey in big distress,” she tok “E dey scary, all dia families dey cry.”

Indonesia disaster mitigation agency (BNPB) later tok say dem know of 35 pipo wey dey receive treatment for local medical facilities.

Evacuation efforts dey disturb by choking smoke, power blackout, and rainstorms during di eruption wey turn di debris into mud.

Thoriqul Haq, one local official, tell Reuters say one road and bridge from di area to di nearby city of Malang don dey blocked.

“Dis dey very pressing, rapid condition since di volcano erupt,” e tok.

Authorities don move plenti pipo to shelters or for safer areas, local broadcaster tv One tok.

Di eruption happun around 14:30 local time (07:30 GMT).

Local authorities don set up one restricted zone within 5km (3 miles) from di crater.

Airlines don receive warning of one ash cloud wey dey rise up to 15,000m (50,000 ft).

Gunung Semeru meletus video: Indonesia volcanic eruption make pray for Semeru to trend


Indonesia volcano break Perak Bridge

Evacuation efforts dey affected by thick smoke, power cuts and heavy rain during di eruption, resulting in muddy road conditions.

A number of residents wey dey live in areas wey bin dey badly affected by di lava flood bin reportedly dey isolated due to a collapsed connecting bridge.

Eyewitnesses say di Perak Bridge in Candi Puro District dey “broken” due to di hotness of lava flood.

Indonasia volcano and oda natural disaster dey on a regular’

Indonesia dey sit along a volatile seismic strip called the ‘Ring of Fire’ inside di Pacific.

Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes dey occur regularly, wey fit present a potential threat of tsunamis, according to UK Foreign Office travel advice.

Di capacity of di Indonesian emergency and rescue services to deal wit large natural disasters dey limited.

Explanation of how volcano dey form

Volcanoes dey form wen magma reach di Earth surface, causing eruptions of lava and ash

  • Magma go first rise through cracks or weaknesses for di Earth crust
  • Pressure go come build up inside di Earth
  • Wen dis pressure release, for example as a result of plate movement, magma go come explode to di surface wey go later come cause volcanic eruption.
  • Di lava from di eruption go cool to form new crust.
  • Over time, afta several eruptions, di rock build up and volcano go form

Key facts about volcanoes

  • Volcano dey form by eruptions of lava and ash
  • Volcanoes usually dey like cone shaped mountains or hills
  • Wen magma reach di Earth surface, dem dey call am lava. Wen di lava cools, e dey forms rock
  • Some volcanic eruption dey happen underwater, along di seabed or ocean floor

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