UK, Canada, US travel restrictions: All requirements Nigerians go need now to travel

UK, Canada US travel restriction: All what Nigerians go need now to travel afta Omicron

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As from Monday, Nigerians go chop travel restrictions from di UK until further notice sake of di new variant of Covid wey be Omicron.

UK goment say dem don confam 21 cases of Omicron virus wey dey linked to travels from Nigeria.

Canada also say dem don discover many cases of Omicron for di kontri and e dey related to pipo wey travel enta Canada from Nigeria.

Dis don make Canada sama Nigeria travel ban wit some conditions.

Days later, di United States also announce strict travel rules wey affect many kontris including Nigeria.

For 1 December, 2021, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confam di first case of Omicron variant for di West African nation.

NCDC Boss, Dr. Ifedayo Adetifa for statement say dem identify two cases of of di Omicron variant from travellers wey enta Nigeria from South Africa.

For now, e neva dey clear how many cases di kontri don record since di first reported cases.

Wetin don change for Nigerians wey wan travel enta di UK, Canada and US?

For US, Under di details wey di Biden administration on Thursday announce, all international passengers go need test for di virus 24 hours before dem leave for di US, no mata dia vaccine status.

“I announce say all inbound international travellers must test within one day of departure, regardless of their vaccination status or nationality”, Oga Biden tok for inside statement.

Oga Biden also add say dem go extend di requirement, both internationally and domestically, to wear masks for travel on aircraft, trains, and public transportation all through di winter months.

Canada don sama travel ban to Nigerians till further notice. Dis one mean say dem no go allow pipo wey dey come from Nigeria enta di kontri except you get right of entry to Canada.

Authorities say Canadian citizens, permanent residents and pipo wey get status under di Indian Act na only dem fit travel from Nigeria enta Canada for now.

But no mata dia vaccine status dem go go need go through pre-entry and arrival testing, screening, and quarantine measures..

For UK, dem don also sama travel ban on Nigerians (starting from Monday 6 December, 2021).

Dem go only allow you enta UK if you be British or Irish National or you get have residence rights for di UK.

UK red list countries: UK travel restrictions go put Nigeria on red list over Omicron


Wetin you go need as Nigerian to enta dis kontris in di middle of di travel restrictions?

For US, you go only need do coronavirus test 24 hours before you travel and also ready to quarantine on arrival and also do testing on arrival.

For Canada, you go need get resident permit or be dual national before you go fit travel dis perion.

Also travel to Canada need pre-entry and arrival testing, screening, and quarantine measures whether you dey fully vaccinate dor not.

To travel to UK, as a Nigerian , you go also need get permanent residency rights for UK or if you also be UK citizen.

According to UK goment, travellers wey dey come UK go now gatz to take Covid test before dem depart as part of effort to limit spread of coronavirus.

Booster jabs


Wetin Nigeria goment dey do?

In di wake of di Omicron variant, Nigeria goment don also sama some travel protocols to all travellers wey wan enta di kontri.

Dis one include: Covid test to be done within 48 hours before departure of all travellers, self isolation for 7 days for partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers

All travellers to Nigeria go also need do Post-arrival Day-2 Covid-19 test.

Nigerian goment don approve booster jabs for pipo wey don collect two doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Dem tok say di booster dose go give ”greater protection” against di virus ask Nigerians wey dey age 18 and above to take am.

Only about 2% of Nigeria population of more than 200 million so far, don dey fully vaccinated.

Di authorities don blame vaccine hesitancy for di low vaccination rate.