NPHCDA vaccination: Nigerians go begin collect booster Covid vaccine jabs – See wetin you need know about am

Booster jabs


Nigerian goment don approve booster jabs for pipo wey don collect two doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Di kontri Primary Healthcare Development Agency say pipo wey don collect Morderna, Pfizer Bio-N-tech or AstraZeneca jabs dey eligible for one booster jab but e go be at least six months from di time wey dem receive dia second dose.

Dis tori dey come at a time wey Nigeria don record dia first case of di Omicron Covid variant.

NPHCD say pipo wey dey jabbed wit di Johnson and Johnson fit receive one booster two months afta dem receive dia second dose.

Dem don advise all Nigerians to visit di nearest health facility or mass vaccination site for dia booster doses as from di 10th of December, 2021 across all states of di federation.

Di agency neva explain di reason for di interval period difference between di Johnson and Johnson vaccine and others.

Dem tok say di booster dose go give ”greater protection” against di virus ask Nigerians wey dey age 18 and above to take am.

Only about 2% of Nigeria population of more than 200 million so far, don dey fully vaccinated.

Di authorities don blame vaccine hesitancy for di low vaccination rate.

Di head of di kontri centre for disease control tell journalists on Friday say dem don get enough doses to fully vaccinate up to 50% of di population.

Di government don recently come up wit a number of measures to get more people jabbed for di kontri- wey include compulsory vaccination for civil servants, mass vaccination and public enlightenment campaigns.

Why you need booster shot?

Booster jabs


Booster na extra dose of vaccine wey dey prolong protection, and or e fit cut di risk of infection by more than 93%.

For kontris like UK, na only Pfizer and Moderna vaccines dem dey use. No matter wetin you receive for earlier jabs. E no dey clear if Nigeria go do di same.

One UK trial of seven different drugs find out say dis go give di best overall boost response, although all di vaccines raise immunity to some degree.

Researchers don also tok say e get promising signs say di booster fit still protect against illness and death from Omicron.

Meanwhile Nigeria don already confam cases of di new Covid variant.

booster jabs


Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confam di first case of di Omicron variant on Wednesday 1 December, 2021.

Di oga for NCDC, Dr. Ifedayo Adetifa for statement say dem identify two cases of di Omicron variant from travellers wey enta Nigeria from South Africa.

Di NCDC Director General explain say even though di two cases wey dem find out now no dey show any symptom, dem don start to attend to dem clinically.

And dem don begin to do contact tracing, plus make arrangement to notify dia kontri of origin to also begin in kontri response.

Dis na part of why di kontri health body advise Nigerians make dem get dia vaccination and adhere to all di Covid 19 protocol dem sake of say to prevent di variant to spread dey very important.