Gambia election results 2021 updates: Results dey expected, IEC polling centres don close

Gambia 2021 presidential election don close.

Na di kontri first election since former President Yahya Jammeh leave office.

Di final result dey expected on Sunday December 5.

BBC Reporter Thomas Naadi report say polls close at about 5 pm local time on Saturday 4 December 2021.

Vote counting and tallying currently dey underway across di west African kontri.

Di first past di post system, alias simple majority n aim dem go use determine di winner of di elections which means di person with di highest number of votes dey declared di winner.

Both President Adama Barrow and opposition candidate Ousainou Darboe dey confident of victory.

Di next President gatz do some work to turn di economy of The Gambia around.

Especially di vital tourism sector wey don dey affected by di global pandemic.

Na six candidates including incumbent president Adama Barrow dey contest di election.

For di first time in 27 years – Yahya Jammeh, wey take power during di 1994 coup, no go dey on di ballot, as Gambians dey go di polls.

Di kontri Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) disqualify 15 of di 21 aspirants.

Those dem disqualify include Marie Sock, di only female aspirant – sake of say she no meet di constitutional requirements.

Gambia election 2021 Facts/Figures

Election Day: 4 December 2021

Political Campaigns end: Thursday, December 2

Candidates: Six Candidates (5 Political parties, 1 Independent)

Registered Voters: 962,157 (416,839 men, 545,318 women)

Polling Stations: 1,554

Voting Age: 18+

Time for Election: 0800GMT – 1700GMT (8am – 5pm local time)

Voter wey still dey queue at 5pm go get chance to cast dia ballots

Term limit: 5 years

Electoral system: Simple majority (first-past-di-post voting)

Gambia election 2021: Why The Gambia election matter as IEC review candidates list


Gambia election 2021 Results

No official date for di announcement of election results although result of di last election (2016) come out afta 24 hours.

Na for collation centre dem go compile di result.

Di Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) na di only agency wey get right to declare official results.

Why di Gambia election matter

While dem hold parliamentary election for April 2017 and local election for 2018, Saturday contest go be di first presidential election for di west African kontri.

Di kontri di name now na “The New Gambia,” in reference to di post-Jammeh regime.

Di election no go only determine whether incumbent President Barrow fit dey elected for second term.

But e go also serve as test of di capacity of The Gambia democratic institution and di ability of di Independent Electoral Commission to conduct general election.

Di election for di small West African kontri dey happen wen di political tension dey high become very serious.

Dis na as President Barrow agree to join body wit di Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, di party of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Just di week before, di Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) submit dia report saying between 240 and 250 people die for di kontri under Jammeh.

And dem recommend say make authorities prosecute di pipo wey get hand for di killing.

Gambia election 2021 candidates list

  • Adama Barrow (National People’s Party) – di incumbent
  • Ousainou Darboe (United Democratic Party) – a lawyer wey serve as Oga Barrow vice-president. E follow for di coalition wey bring down former President Jammeh and e dey contest for di fifth time
  • Essa Mbye Faal (Independent) – na lawyer and former lead counsel for di just concluded TRRC. E dey contest for di first time
  • Mama Kandeh (Gambia Democratic Congress) – e come third for di 2016 election, and e enjoy Jammeh
  • Abdoulie Ebrima Jammeh (National Unity Party) – a former teacher wey once head di kontri civil aviation authority. E dey contest for di first time
  • Halifa Sallah (People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism) – na member of parliament wey dey contest for di fifth time.

The Gambia profile

Map of The Gambia


The Gambia na one of Africa smallest kontris.

Unlike many of dia west Africa neighbours, dem don enjoy long time of stability since independence.

President Yahya Jammeh rule di kontri wit iron hand afta e seize power for a bloodless coup for 1994.

Im rule for 22-years wey end for 2016, wen e lose to di main opposition candidate, Adama Barrow.

Oga Jammeh leave office afta some neighbouring kontris intervene for di matter.

But dis stability neva really make dem prosper.

Despite di presence of the Gambia River, wey run through di middle of kontri, only one-sixth of di land dey suitable for growing crops.

And poor soil quality don make dem fit plant only one crop – peanut.

Tourism na important source of foreign exchange, and na di money wey Gambians wey dey abroad dem dey use.

Na di resorts wey occupy a stretch of di Atlantic coast dey attract most visitors.

So on Saturday December 4, 2021, di whole of Africa and di rest of di world go watch The Gambia decide who go lead di west African nation for di next five years.