Kenya papa Cherowo sue son Washington to demand 20% of im salary for monthly upkeep

Papa sue son to demand 20% of im salary for monthly upkeep

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One Kenya man don agree to do tok-tok with im papa afta di father sue am go court to demand 20% of im salary for upkeep.

Last month, Gideon Kisira Cherowo wey be 73 years old bin sue im pikin, Washington Chepkombe go court.

Cherowo drag Washington to court on top accuse say e abandon am afta e get one job for di capital, Nairobi.

For di court papers, di papa tok say e sell e land and use most of e resources to pay for e son education up to university level and so e dey expect help from im pikin in return.

But dis e pikin wey be second-born and 48 year old neva don visit home for di last 17 years.

And di family don ask for his help since 2008 and tori be say e no send.

Im son get work for di Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) and get good salary.

Local media report say oga Cherowo tell di court say e no fit afford di services of lawyer and so e bring im youngest son as a witness.

On Friday, di father tell BBC say dem don arrange one family meeting on Monday for tok-tok afta di local Daily Nation newspaper publish one story about di case.

Oga Cherowo add say dem wish to deal with di matter as a family and dem no go give media interviews from now on.

According to local media report, di father wey get four sons say only one na im dey employed for di Kenya Airports Authority.

Dem add say oga Cherowo family dey live for one mud house inside e village for western Kenya.

For Kenya and some oda parts of Africa, young professionals dey expected to support dia families financially.