Captain Smart arrested: Why Ghana police arrest television journalist

Ghana Police say dem arrest popular journalist Blessed Godsbrain Smart who people know as Captain Smart.

Dis be sake of comments he make which dem say dey threaten peace and security.

Inside statement wey dem release, dem mention say police “caution am on di offence of offensive conduct.”

De popular journalist dey inside police custody dey assist officials with investigations, BBC Pidgin find out Thursday evening.

National Media Commission reaction

National Media Commission (NMC) talk say dem make disappointed sake of de unprofessionalism of Onua TV/FM managers.

According to de NMC, de media house “crossed de line of robust den critical broadcasting.”

Inside statement wey dem release, NMC talk say by dis action de media house transform themselves into a “megaphone of war”.

Dis no be di first time security officials dey arrest popular journalist sake of comments.

In May, 2021, Citi FM and TV journalist Zoe Abu-Baidoo and Caleb Kudah bin dey arrest by national security operatives and dis spark outrage in Ghana.

Some Ghanaians make outraged over de Rambo staple arrest of de two journalists inside de capital Accra.

Now, listeners of de controversial radio presenter say if police no release am today, chances be say he go dey inside police custody till Monday sake of Friday be holiday.

Again, de day after dat be Saturday den Sunday which no be days he fit secure bail.

Captain Smart biography

Captain Smart be popular Ghanaian radio presenter who build following as controversial journalist over de years.

He gain prominence after he join Adom FM around 2013 as presenter, during en time plus Adom FM he build reputation as journalist who dey criticize govment without fear.

En morning radio show ‘Dwaso Nsem’ grow into one of de most popular radio shows over de years until he resign from Adom FM in 2019.

He later join Angel Broadcasting Network where he retain most of en audience, but sake of even controversial nature he get issues with de management of de company leading to en resignation.

He join Onua TV/FM dis year where he take over dema Twi morning show where dem dey discuss topical issues on news and currents affairs.

En style of presenting which be say he go talk hard truth to political leaders feature once again in en television and radio show.

De controversial journalist get history as person who dey like bash politicians, presidents, corrupt leaders den public official.

Before prominence on national scene, he job plus radio stations like Fox FM, OTEC FM, Kesewaa radio for Ashanti Region.