Dowen college: Sylvester Oromoni death make Lagos school react to claim say 12-year-old student die ‘because e no join cult’

Dowen college for Lagos don dismiss accuse say one of dia student die sake of say im no wan join cult.

Dis dey come afta one Twitter user claim say “some students for di school injure and kill im cousin afta e no gree join cult.”

But di school tok for statement say di allegation no dey true.

Twitter user Perrison Oromoni wey be di cousin of di student bin post some allegations for Twitter say: “Dis na 12 years old cousin wey dem beat to death for one school wey cost over 1 million naira,” di user post am for im twitter page wit foto of di diseased.

“Dowen college na disgrace. Im mention 5 names before im die yesterday… Dem dey try to put am for cult, im no gree and dem kill am. Secondary school o.” di user add am.

For one press release wey di school later share, di school say dis allegation no dey true.

According to the statement, one of di school’s hostel officials bin don inform di management on November 21 say di student injure wen im dey play football wit im colleagues.

Di school say di resident nurse give am first aid treatment and later im go back to im hostel afta e express relief.

Dem add am say di next day, di student begin complain of pain for im hip and di resident doctor for di school clinic attend to am.

Di school say di doctor later call di student mama to inform am of di situation and also ask her to pick am up for more medical treatment.

Dem claim for inside di statement say afta some delay, di student mama later send pesin make e come pick am come carry am go do x-ray.

Di statement add say di guardian later call to inform di school say di results of di x-ray no show say any part of student body dey injured or broken.

Dem also say e dey unfortunate say di many claims don dey make di rounds on social media platforms about how di student die.

For di statement, di school say investigation show say di student allegedly mention di name of other students to tok say dem no get hand for di incident.

“…Na small shock to us to read wild social media tales say na some students beat am and say im mention some names”

“We immediately start to investigate di mata and invite di students wey dem allegedly mention for interview. Im guardian also dey present during the interviews, wey reveal say nothing like dat happun.

“Di investigation show say e no get any fight, bullying, or any form of attack on di boy.” Di school tok.

Meanwhile, BBC don reach out to di Twitter user wey come out wit di claims but im neva respond to us.