South African President Cyril Ramaphosa visit with Buhari and wetin dem discuss

South Africa President, Cyril Ramaphosa don meet wit President Muhammadu Buhari for di presidential villa to seek way to improve bilateral relations between di two kontris.

Ramaphosa land Naija on Wednesday morning as part of im three-day working visit to some West African kontris-Ivory Coast, Ghana and Senegal.

During di visit, di two leaders of Africa economy sign agreements wey go boost di economy of di two kontris as well as youth and women advancement.

Why dis visit dey important?

For several years, di xenophobic attacks on Nigerians wey dey do business for South Africa bin dey affect di pipo to pipo relations between di two kontri.

Many Nigerian business pipo for South Africa cry on top how South Africans dey loot dia kaya and sometime burn dem or even kill dia pipo dem sake of say dem dey do business for di area.

Di South Africans claim say foreigners dey take dia job and dem no get work to do.

Wen di incident happun for 2019, Nigerians enta street to put pressure on goment to speak up against wetin South Africans dey do Nigerians for dia land.

Di Nigerian goment bin speak against di mata am and even summon di South African ambassador plus begin evacuate Nigerians dem from south Africa.

Di South African president Ramaphosa bin apologise to Nigeria and di goment respond say di relationship between dey two kontri go dey kampe sake of di important role wey di two kontri dey play for di continent.

Dis meeting and di 10th Binational Commission meeting na effort to improve di relationship between di two kontris.

Wetin Buhari and Ramaphosa discuss

Di South African leader bin inspect a guard of honour and receive 21-gun salute before e enta close door meeting wit president Buhari.

For dia press briefing, di two presidents say dem sign new different Memoranda of Understanding in critical areas like youth development, women and child empowerment and political consultation.

Dem also review old ones – MOU on top military corporation, mining and processing, oil and gas.

Di two kontri also launch di South Africa Youth Dialogue to break di suspicion and bias between young pipo between di two kontris.

Di Nigerian president say di joint ministerial advisory council on industry, trade and investment go make private company for di two kontri to corporate and develop di economy togeda.

Ramaphosa wey happy for di visit thank Nigeria, Ivory coast and Ghana for dia support on top di travel ban wey many kontries impose on di kontri.

E call on all kontris dem wey don impose travel ban on di kontri to reverse am.

Na South Africa first announce say dem detect di Omicron variant of Covid-19.