Omicron Variant symptoms: How to detect di new Covid-19 variant latest update

Symptoms of Omicron Variant: New Covid 19 variant latest upadate

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Many pipo all ova di world dey search to know weda di symptoms of di new coronavirus variant, Omicron dey different from oda variants.

Dis na afta dem first identify di Omicron variant for South Africa and authorities believe say e dey highly transmissible, but e neva dey clear yet how deadly e be to public health.

Sake of dis kontries don begin re-put back restrictions to contain di spread of di virus as dem don report cases for some kontries like; Canada, the UK, Portugal, Belgium and Netherlands.

US don impose travel bans on eight southern African kontries, Australia don pause di re-opening of borders, Britain don begin new restrictions and oda kontries don also take action.

Symptoms of Omicron Variants

Dr Angelique Coetzee, president of di South African Medical Association, say so far patients wey dey infected wit di new omicron variant get very mild symptoms.

E tell BBC say: “We neva put anyone for hospital yet. I don speak to oda colleagues and di picture na di same.

Na Dr Coetzee first alert South African authorities about dis new variant of coronavirus.

Lab tests come later confam say she dey right and WHO come tok say dis na variant of concern.

Symptoms of Omicron

Dr Angelique Coetzee during interview with BBC

Di doctor explain say di tin start on 18 November, wit one patient wey feel tired and dey experience body aches for many days.

“E get small headache, e no really get sore throat, e describe am like itch, no cough, no loss of taste or smell,” she tok.

Dr Coetzee find out say dis symptoms dey unusual and decide to get quick test for im office.

Symptoms of Omicron

Dr Coetzee during one interview for Andrew Marr Show for BBC

Di patient and oda family members test positive for covid and as di doctor explain, all of dem get “very, very mild” symptoms.

Oda patients wit similar symptoms present demsef throughout di day.

Dr Coetzee come decide to alert di Department of Health vaccine advisory committee because she sef dey on it.

Wetin be di difference between Omicron and oda variants?

Di Omicron variant get plenti different mutations wey human neva see before, and many wey dem don see.

Large number of dem dey on di spike protein of di virus, wey be di target of most vaccines, and dat na di main concern.

For standard tests, Omicron get wetin dem know as one “S-gene dropout” wey dey make tracking positive cases wey resemble di variant very easy.

But no be all “S-gene dropouts” go end up be omicron – full genomic sequencing dey needed to be sure.

Wetin be WHO latest informate about Omicron


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Di World Health Organization (WHO) don warn say Omicron coronavirus variant fit cause high risk of infection rate around di world

Di variant fit lead to serious consequences for some regions, WHO tok on Monday.

“Covid-19 neva finish wit us yet,” dis na di warning from head of di organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Dr Ghebreyesus tok say scientists around di world dey work to discover if di new variant dey associated wit higher transmission, risk of reinfection and how e dey react to vaccines.

E add say no deaths wey don dey linked to di new variant yet.

Wetin Nigeria goment dey do?

Nigeria goment don insist say di kontri neva record any case yet of the Omicron variant even as Canada authorities say two passengers from Nigeria test positive.

Director-General of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Ifedayo Adetifa, for di Presidential Steering Committee briefing inside Abuja on Monday, say no need for Nigerians to waste dia energy on speculation concerning dis virus.

“I think wetin we need to do na to focus on wetin we actually know.

And wetin we know for now na say we no get any case inside Nigeria at di moment.”

Oga Adetifa say for now dem get some samples wey dem dey investigate and di results go dey ready later.

Meanwhile US President Joe Biden don call di Omicron Covid-19 variant as “cause for concern, and no be cause for panic”.

E tok dis one one day afta dem detect am for North America.

President Biden say e no see any need for new lockdown “for now… if pipo dey vaccinated and wear dia masks”.