Kano boat accident: Father of victim wey dey part of 29 pipo wey die say im dey wait for news about im second son

Scene of boat capsize for Bagwai, Kano state


Plenty pipo don die afta boat capsize for Bagwai river, Kano state North western Nigeria.

Authorities say dem don recover seven bodies plus di 19 wey dem recover yesterday. Rescue operation continue as of Wednesday morning.

Eyewitnesses say di boat sink sake of overloading.

Ismail Wakili wey be one of di pipo wey dey assist afta di boat capsize tell BBC Pidgin say dem don remove 19 bodies from di river.

Tori be say di boat bin dey carry more than 50 pipo from di village of Badau to di town of Bagwai, wia dem wan attend one Islamic religious ceremony on Tuesday afternoon. E no dey clear wetin make am capsize.

E bin tok say dem dey travel from Badau town to Bagwai wey be just five kilometres away.

“At di moment dem remove 19 dead bodies from di river but we don stop di search because of night don reach so we go resume in di morning.

“Most of di passengers na Islamic students wey dey go Maulid programme, na di only boat wey di whole town dey use, di oda one wey goment give us don spoil.

“Last time wey dis kain accident happun na 2008 wen we lost about 30 pipo.”

Police tok-tok pesin for Kano, Abdullahi Kiyawa confam di tori – e add say relevant agencies dey also try assist after wetin happun.

‘I don see corpse of one of my children, I dey wait for di oda one’

Mallam Dauda Badau


Mallam Dauda Badau, father of two pikins wey be passengers for boat wey capsize for Bagwai river for Kank state (northern Nigeria) tell BBC News Pidgin say e don see corpse of one of im children and dey wait for news about di oda.

Im two children Sani 14 and Umar 10 dey part of di group of 40 islamic students wey dey go for programme for neighbouring town when di tragedy happun on Tuesday evening.

“Before na only Sani dey go but im brother begin cry say e go follow am, na why I allow di two of dem go togeda, I use my hand pay di boat driver N350 for each child not knowing wetin go happun.”

“I don see di corpse of Sani, e dey among corpses wey dem recover dis morning (Wednesday) but I neva hear anything about im broda, I still dey wait.”

Mallam Dauda agree with wetin some eyewitnesses tell BBC News Pidgin about overloading being di cause of di accident.

“I also agree say na overloading because apart from di 49 passengers wey di boat carry, bags of potatoes also follow for di trip.”

Kano state goment don release statement condoling affected families and also warn boat operators to desist from overloading di boats to avoid wetin happun.

For 2007 similar tragedy lead to death of 30 pipo for Bagwai town including a newly wedded bride wey dem dey convey to her husband’s house.