Endsars protest: Lagos State goment release white paper, reject panel recommendation wey say nine pipo allegedly die for Lekki toll gate

EndSARS Protest latest update:


Lagos State goment for southwest of Nigeria don release white paper on di report of di judicial panel of inquiry wey goment set up to torchlight police brutality wey include di incidents wey happun during last year EndSars protest.

Di white paper tok say out of di 32 recommendations wey di panel tok, Lagos goment accept 11, reject one and dem go accept six more after modifications.

Lagos State goment bin say dem go release white paper wey be di official document of di goment analysis and dia solutions on di report wey di panel bin release.

Di goment say di remaining 14 recommendations by di panel dey above di powers of Lagos state goment, say dem go forward am to federal goment for consideration.

For inside di white paper, di state goment reject recommendation number 24 wey say gunshots from sojas wey try to disperse protesters allegedly kill nine pipo for Lekki tollgate on 20 October, 2020. Goment say dat recommendation of di panel na “assumptions and speculations”.

Wetin be EndSars?

#Endsars na di hashtag wey trend as youths take over di streets for October 2020 to protest police brutality and bad treatment by di Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) wey President Buhari later disband.

Di protest kick off on October 8 peacefully and continue for days, but later turn bloody as hoodlums take over di protest begin destroy public and private property nationwide.

Amnesty international say dem kill over 50 pipo during di protest. Human right watch say at least 15 pipo die for shooting wey happun on 20 October, 2020 for Lekki tollgate inside Lagos.

11 recommendations wey Lagos goment say dem go accept

Lekki toll gate

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Di Lekki tollgate for Lagos State na di place wey Nigerian youths bin converge to hold protests for October 2020

Inside di white paper, di goment say dem go accept 11 recommendations wey di panel make, dis recommendations include.

  • No 6 – Panel say use of social media follow escalate di Lekki tollgate incident and recommend make pipo no dey spread unverified tori to di society. Lagos goment say dem go launch campaign on how to use social media and di dangers wey go follow if pipo abuse am.
  • No 8 – Di panel say make goment pay up all di moni wey dem promise to hospitals wey treat EndSars protesters. Lagos goment answer say dem don pay all di hospitals. Dem commend Reddington hospital wey treat pipo for free.
  • No 10 – Panel recommend make authorities strategize wella on how dem dey address pipo grievances, make e dey get fast attention and action. Lagos goment answer say dem accept di recommendation and dem go make strong how dem dey engage youths.
  • No 11 – Panel say make goment dey regularly engage youths and make dem dey ready to respond wen dat kain tollgate incident happun. Lagos goment accept di recommendations. Dem say dem go increase dia efforts for youths engagement, say dialogue wit youths na continuous process.
  • No 12 – Di panel say make goment dey widely publicize curfew regulations. Goment accept dis recommendation.
  • No 16 – Di panel recommend make goment train dia health officials especially LASEHMU. Lagos goment accept di recommendation and go provide further training and capacity building for health officials.
  • No 18 – Panel tok say make dem dey properly preserve crime scenes and keep all physical evidence till dem complete dia check of di scene. Lagos goment accept di recommendation and add say dem go forward am to Nigeria goment for consideration. Say dem go restart di Lagos DNA and Forensic centre.
  • No 20 – Panel recommend make goment begin observe October 20 every year as toll free day for di Lekki tollgate as long as di tollgate exist. Goment accept di recommendation, say na in di spirit of healing and reconciliation.
  • No 23 – Di panel say make goment do evritin possible to bridge di gap of mistrust wit di youths. Goment accept di recommendation, say dem don already start di process.
  • No 31 – Panel say make Lagos House of Assembly set up Human Rights Committee or tribunal to torchlight cases against police and oda security agencies. Lagos goment agree to set up di committee through legislative process.
  • No 32 – Ontop petitions wey pipo send in but di panel no fit hear dem, di panel say make goment channel dem to di Human Rights Committee through di Ministry of Justice.

14 recommendations wey Lagos goment go forward to FG

Di Panel say police no respond well during di incident for Lekki tollgate unto say dem no get adequate facilities, manpower, experience and training. Dem recommend make goment adequately fund police, make goment effectively train police, make goment procure equipments for di police and make goment arrange better communication system among all security operatives for di state.

  • Panel recommend disciplinary action against Lt Col. S.O. Bello and Major General Godwin Umelo unto say dem no honor invite from di panel and wan frustrate di investigation.
  • Panel say make all di army officers wey dem deploy to di Lekki tollgate on October 20, 2020 face disciplinary action, make dem strip dem of dia status and dismiss dem as dem no dey fit to serve for di nation security except for Major-General Omata.
  • Panel say make dem discourage army make dem no dey intervene for internal security.
  • Panel recommend make dem re-orientate and train police and security personnel on how to manage crime scenes
  • Panel recommend training and retraining of security officials including Civil Defense, police and di army on rules of engagement and management of protest.
  • Panel say make goment make October 20 evri year become ‘EndSars Day’ to remember falling youths.
  • Panel say make federal goment publicly apologize to youths ontop how dem interrupt dia protest.
  • Panel recommend make goment establish standing committee wey go bridge gap between di Society and di police. Dem go help gather info, engage di community, sensitize youths and for prompt intervention for issues etc.
  • Panel recommend make authorities dey transparent for all disciplinary process of di Nigerian army and police and make dem make public outcomes of such processes.
  • Panel say make police reinforce dia complaints response unit so dem fit dey address complaints against erring police officers fast and say make di unit dey answer directly to di IGP for dia work to dey fast.
  • Panel recommend make goment study and deploy as ‘early warning signs EWS’ mechanism evri data wey dem don collect over di years on impunity of di police.
  • Di panel recommend make goment facilitate and disburse compensations to victims from di Lekki tollgate incident of 20th October 2020 to ensure Justice dey served for healing and rebuilding of public trust.
  • Panel recommend make goment set up trust fund to for compensation of victims of di Lekki tollgate incident and oda proven human rights abuses.