Kano bride dies on wedding day: Husband of woman wey die during her marriage ceremony tok how e hapun

Di Bride wey die


Tuesday, 30th November 2021, suppose be third day wey Hannatu Yahaya go spend for her husband house as new bride but unfortunately na di third day of her death.

Tori of her death spread wella for social media and pain even pipo wey no know.

BBC Pidgin reach out to di closest pipo to late Hannatu starting with her groom Isyaka Yusuf.

How e hapun

According di groom, Saturday suppose be di happiest day for im life but e turn out to be di opposite afta e receive call say wife e dey expect to enta im house don die.

“On dat particular day I bin dey on di phone with her through out, dey discuss tins because I dey finish up with some preparations before her arrival.”

“As I dey tok to you now, I still dey shake because of wetin happun but from God we are and to am we go all return na wetin dey comfort me be dat but no be small tin.”

Isyaka say im relationship with late Hannatu na very strong one and e bin dey look forward to a very bright future with her.

Her brother Ayuba Yahaya say im last moments with her alive na wen she tell am say she wan see outside afta di wedding prayers hold.

“She just come meet me tell me say she wan see how outside be na im I escort her comot just near front of di house and as she di pipo, she tell me say all dis pipo come for my wedding and I tell her say yes wey make her happy.”

“As dem dey prepare to take her to her groom house, she complain of dizziness and afta she fall, we rush her to hospital, na me drive but even on di way I dey feel am for body say she don die.”

Hannatu die in di evening as preparation dey go on to take her to her husband house.

Her sisters, friends bin dey with her wen e hapun, her broda say na full house as many pipo bin come to celebrate with her. Di family rush her go hospital where dem confam say she don die.

Ayuba say 28-year-old Hannatu na 4th born in a family of seven and she study accounting for Kano state polytechnic and do NYSC for Bauchi state two years ago.

“Very kind and nice pesin even afta her death na wetin pipo dey take describe her infact her former classmates just leave our house few hours ago and na so dem tok.”

“She bin dey look forward to dis wedding and a new life unknown to us God don already plan everytin. Our parents especially my mother still dey very shaken from wetin happun.”

On weda she bin get any medical condition, her broda say Hannatu na very healthy pesin and apart from two weeks ago wey she begin complain of minor stomach ache.

“She no get any medical condition, all di tok about ulcer no be true, two weeks ago she complain of minor stomach ache na wetin I know.”

Ayuba say e no go ever forget say na im drive car wey take her to hospital for di last time.

Wedding Invitation


How marriages be for northern Nigeria and why death of di bride shock pipo

Islam na di most dominant religion across northern Nigeria and na im dey influence many of di marriages wey dey happun for di region.

And di tradition be say afta both families don agree on date, di groom to be family led by an uncle or any oda senior pesin go bring di agreed dowry come mosque wia imam go pray for di couple and for im presence di bride to be family go collect di dowry.

And in most cases, just as be di plan with late Hannatu before her death, na on di wedding day, di groom friends go visit di bride house to carry her and her family to her new home.

Why Hannatu death shock pipo and make waves across di region be say na as dem dey plan to take her to her husband house she collapse and later die.

Dat na like di final rite as far as di marriage dey concerned, dem don finish many steps like bringing bags full of clothes to di bride and oda events and last tin na to carry her to di groom house.

Na during dat process she unfortunately die.