Ekondo Titi: Schools dey fear to open afta classroom attack leave three students and one teacher dead

One pesin wey dey live for Ekondo Titi don tell BBC Pidgin say di community still dey in shock and schools for di region dey fear to open afta gunmen attack one Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) for South West region of Cameroon.

Di gunmen kill three students and one teacher for di attack on Wednesday, 28, November, 2021. Tori be say odas injure for di attack.

According to di resident of di community, “di whole town dey in panic mode, even private schools dey closed.” E tok.

Human rights groups bin condemn di attack.

Di Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, CHRDA say di attack happun for one Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Ekondo Titi and many pipo injure.

For one viral video wey BBC Pidgin use eye see, we see pipo gada dey carry di victims dem wey die for di attack.

One man wey carry one of di victim dey cry for inside di video as im carry di corpse dey waka comot from di school. Tori be say one of di student na im pikin.

For statement, CHRDA confam say di victims na 12, 16 and 17 years and Mrs Song Celestina Fien, wey be dia French-language teacher for di school die for di attack.

CHRDA strongly condemn di attack on school children and teachers, call on goment to take measures to “impartially and effectively investigate di incident

Di Divisional Officer of EKondo Titi Subdivision, Aboloa Timothe, wey confam di incident also condemn di attack wey happun for im area of jurisdiction.

Di DO say na Ambazonia forces carry out di attack on November 24, 2021, at exactly 10 minutes to 8AM for di campus of GBHS Ekondo Titi.

“Di unknown gunmen open fire on students and teachers wey first reach school in di morning.”

Oga Aboloa say four pipo die for di school attack.

“Aside from di four deaths, six pipo injure and we transfer two critical cases to Limbe Regional hospital.” im tok

E also add say di four oda pipo wey injure wey dem hospitalise for Ndian hospital don dey recover.

Oga Aboloa Timothe say afta di incident, dem don deploy security forces to find di pipo wey carry out di attack.

Im also tok say dem don also deploy security personnel to tanda for schools for di region , so dat teaching activities fit continue.

“I assure di population make dem no panic.

Dis attack dey come just weeks afta one police officer kill one student for Bamenda on 12 November 2021.

Di Ambazonia forces bin no claim responsibility for di attack.

Wetin eyewitness tok about di attack?

One eyewitness wey follow BBC Pidgin tok say before school wan start, di separatist fighters dem don already allegedly sama warning make di school no open

One woman wey be resident of Ekondo Titi say, “Di separatist dem don already tok say make goment school no dey functional, if not dem go burn di schools dem,

But goment insist say di school go open and dem go put military for di school dem to guard am.”

School for Cameroon bin reopen for September.

“One of separatist fighter don send video for online tok say im go attack Ekondo Titi.

But im no tok di date or di time wey dem go attack.”, she add am.

She say e no dey clear whether na military dem wan attack or schools or oda parts of di area but vigilantes bin dey for Ekondo Titi and before 10pm pipo for di town don already dey inside house sake of wetin di man tok am.

“Since dem pass dat announcement, e don be like for months and we don already forget about am.

“Yesterday for 7:30am wey school just start, we hear explosion for some side and we no know wia di explosion occur. Only for we to run go dat side and we dey see dem pikin wey don die.”

She also confam say three pikin die and some odas injure den dem shoot one teacher.

“Wen we ask di students wey dey inside di school, dem tell us say di gunmen as dem sabi say di teacher na French teacher, dem ask her to tok her last prayer say dem wan use her set example for all French teachers say dem no want dem for dia land.” Di eyewitness explain for interview wit BBC Pidgin.