Kanye West: ‘How alcohol, politics and Christianity scata my marriage’

US media personality Kim Kardashian (L) and husband US rapper Kanye West attend the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

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The couple have four children together

‘All I dey tin about evriday na how to get my family back togeda’.

American rapper, Kanye West don share some tins wey im believe say affect im marriage wit reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Di couple bin file for divorce afta seven years togeda.

Kanye drop one video for social media wey im call ‘Thanksgiving prayer’ – na for inside di video im share wetin e feel spoil dia relationship plus say e dey make plans to reunite im family.

Wetin be di tins Kanye tok?

  • Alcohol

Kanye West reveal for di video say, “I bin dey drink to take di stress comot, e affect my health and di health of di pipo wey surround me”.

E follow share say e dey drink plenti shayo wen im dey vex.

  • Politics
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“Good Lord! My wife bin no like say I wear di red cap. I bin make my family target. Den I come run for presidency without beta planning.”

Dis na how di rapper tok about im 2020 Presidential campaign – im Birthday Party bin get about 60,000 votes.

  • Mental health

Di rapper tok say im bin get mental issue for 2016, and dem come prescribe heavy medication wey sometimes e no go take. Based on dis one na so e come dey get extra palava wit im wife, family and friends.

E follow tok dem bi endure all di tins wey e dey do dem.

For July 2020, Kim Kardashian bin tok on top im health issues afta im July presidential rally wia im tok about how im almost kill im pikin.

  • Money

E tok say e bin dey spend money like craze pesin on top big big tins and pipo wey dey use am and na one of di craziest tins im don do.

Kanye tok say, “As di priest of my home, I suppose watch my own money and arrange our finances”.

  • Pride
Kanye West New Haircut

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“My ego get way wia e go pass im boundary from motivational and entertaining enta wia e go vex pesin.”

  • Religion

Kanye West tok say im get “self righteous Christian behaviour,” wey e believe say affect tins for im marriage.

“Salvation no immediately turn me to beta pesin, e make me self righteous Christian”

E say e bin dey arrogant wit Jesus like say e buy am for Gucci.

Kanye West don dey very open with im Christianity sotay e release of two gospel-stylealbums – Life of Pablo and Donda – and e run im own choir for Sunday Service.