Court declaration of bandits as terrorists no go get head – Sheikh Gumi

Popular islamic cleric Dr Ahmad Gumi

Sheik Gumi say na misundestanding betweem am and Nigerian Army

Controversial Islamic cleric Sheikh Gumi say di Federal High Court ruling wey grant di Federal Goment of Nigeria request to name bandits as terrorists for di kontri no go get head.

Inside statement, Gumi say e tink say FG fall media blackmail by one section of di kontri but e no go get any practical value.

“Declaring di herdsmen banditry as terrorists na just a decision wey dem take for political purpose. E no go get any practical value because even before di declaration, dem bin dey fight and treat dem as terrorists. So na just nomenclature wey I believe say no go change di dynamics on ground.

If you fit remember, IPOB, dem also declare am as terrorist organisation, di declaration even dey backed by di order of di Court but as you fit see, even di international community no recognize FG declaration of IPOB. So e don fail to dey effective or to achieve di desired results.” E tok.

Gumi reactions dey come afta di Federal High Court for Abuja, Nigeria declare bandit groups as terrorists.

For inside di ruling wey Justice Taiwo Taiwo deliver on Friday, 27, November 2021, di court say di activities of Yan Bindiga and Yan Ta’adda bandit groups, na acts of terrorism.

Di ruling follow di ex parte motion wey di Federal Goment of Nigeria file through di Federal Ministry of Justice.

Meanwhile for im reaction to di ruling, di Attorney General of di Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami say, Federal Goment determination to crush banditry remain strong now wey di court don grant di application wey im office file by declaring bandits groups as terrorist organisations.

Gumi say im hope say di declaration no go give di license to pipo to dey profile herdsmen in general as terrorists and to dey take laws into dia hands against dem.

Who be di bandits?

Di armed bandits wey dey mostly operate out of abandoned forest reserves dey terrorise and attack communities for di kontri north-west region.

Dem be di latest groups to join Nigeria kidnap for ransom industry.

In di last ten years, more dan 8,000 pipo don die in di states of Kebbi, Sokoto, Niger and Zamfara, according to di International Crisis Group.

Di attacks fit dey traced to years of competition over resources between ethnic Fulani herders and farming communities.

Who be Sheik Gumi?

Abubakar Ahmad Gumi na respected authority and outspoken Islamic scholar and Grand Khadi of di Northern Region of Nigeria.

Im position make am important authority for di interpretation of di Sharia legal system for di region.

Im controversial position on how goment suppose tackle di issue of banditry don put am for news headlines many times.

E don act as dia tok-tok pesin many times E don even enta bush to do meetings with dem.

According to am, di issue of banditry na “socio-economic problem. We don see am, we don interact widely with dem. We tell di federal goment di way out. Dem fit only win am through engagement, dialogue and justice. ” E tok.

But former moves to engage dem neva work.

For 2019, di govnor of Katsina state, Aminu Bello Masari, enta di forest hideout of di bandits to negotiate deal that would see them escape prosecution in exchange for stopping the attacks