Cannabis Crop: Malawi ask Mike Tyson to be dia cannabis ambassador

Mike Tyson.

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Mike Tyson start cannabis company

Malawi agriculture ministry don write letter to former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson to be dia ambassador for di kontri cannabis crop.

Minister Lobin Lowe say di legalisation of cannabis last year for Malawi don create opportunity locally and internationally.

Di ministry say di United States Cannabis Association na dem dey help arrange di deal wit oga Tyson.

Marijuana leaf.

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“Malawi fit no go alone sake of say di industry dey complex and dey need collaboration. I go therefore like to appoint you, Mike Tyson, as Malawi Cannabis Branch ambassador,” Mr Lowe bin write.

Tyson also be entrepreneur and don invest wella for one cannabis farm.

Local tori pipo report say Tyson dey expected for Malawi last week but dem postpone di visit.

Malawian cannabis, particularly di one wey dey popular as Malawi Gold, dey considered by recreational smokers as one of di finest.

Malawi wan make Mike Tyson Cannabis Ambassador

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Mike Tyson

Tyson Launch cannabis company

For October 201, Mike Tyson bin launch one company, Tyson 2.0, Cannabis company wey go run across di whole of US.

According to Mike Tyson Cannabis don play better role for im life, and now, di ogbonge boxer and cultural icon dey re-enter cannabis space wit new company wey go dey sell Tyson-approved weed products across di U.S.

“I never feel dis healthy for my life, I never feel dis clear for my life,” Tyson tok.

E say na cannabis bring major improvement to im mental and physical well-being, and e dey happy to tok say e never get any time wen e bin take so few pills.

Di heavyweight champion don gain respect sake of im love for di plant .

Tyson add say im new company go bring different choice to customers wey also like im creativity and taste for cannabis.

Di new company, Tyson 2.0, go be step up from Iron im first cannabis brand, wey dey offer different products including everything from im personal favourite, flower, to concentrates, edibles, beverages, and pre-rolls.

Oga Tyson na im go be di company chief brand officer and maybe di chief product tester.