COVID-19: Why Nigeria fit consider Lockdown extension

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Despite di 14-day lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun states and di huge investment to create testing labs, Nigeria never reach di peak of di coronavirus outbreak.

And dis one mean say di kontri dey expect di number of cases of Covid-19 to climb in di coming days.

So far di confirmed covid 19 case for di kontri don pass 300 wit more dan fifty recoveries and less dan 10 deaths.

But dis number still dey less sake of say di kontri testing capacity still neva dey enough to test plenti pipo to really show di real figure of pipo wey get covid 19 for di kontri.

Di Director General of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Doctor Chikwe Ihekweazu tell BBC Pidgin say true-true di testing process neva dey quick like Nigerian want am and dat testing for covid 19 na big challenge e no be like oda sickness like HIV and Aids.

” I don create plenti enemy because I say we no go buy test kits if we no sure say e dey work and dat make we kontinu wit our own testing method sake of say we don see plenti kontri rush go buy test kits from oda kontris and many of dem no dey useful’.

Man inside laboratory

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”Di PCR testing system dey very complex and e dey take about four to six hours to conduct one test and e dey very complicated. Even if you test and we no get place to keep dem, e still no make sense” im explain.

Although di extension of di lockdown na President Muhammadu Buhari decision to make but im decision go depend on di data wey NCDC provide to am about di kontri’s testing capacity, di number of well prepared isolation centres wey dey di kontri and di over all work wey dem don do within di last week.

Isolation centre

Dangote don arrange six hundred bed isolation centre or Kano State

E go also get information from di state goment and di treatment centres.

“wen I meet wit di president for di first time e no easy for am to accept di decision to lockdown sake of di pain wey many Nigerians go face but later e decide to lockdown”

‘ For di kontri to move on we gatz pay some price and dis lockdown don helep us to scale up our work” im yarn.

Una tink say shayo fit prevent coronavirus – inside life.
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Members of di taskforce don meet wit di president on Friday evening to explain di work wey dem don achieve since e approve di lockdown.

Di Chairman of di taskforce, Boss Mustapha, NCDC oga, Chikwe Iheakweazu, di Health Minister, Osagie Ehanire and di DG of NACA, Sani Aliyu dey among those wey meet wit di president.

China medical team dey Abuja on self isolation

Di arrival of di 15-man medical expert from China don cause plenti controversy for Nigeria as Nigerian doctors and oda pipo dey kick against di idea.

But oga Chikwe say di reason why goment allow dem in na to tap from dia experience so dat di kontri go benefit in di fight against di virus.

E explain give say di medical experts dey some where for Abuja dey observe dia 14 day mandatory self isolation and wen dem finish, dem go helep fix di equipment wey dem bring and train di trainers as dem no go deploy dem go different state to helep.

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E also yarn give say NCDC team dey monitor di isolation process to ensure say everytin go well.

” we no go fit fight dis covid 19 battle alone we need epp from oda kontri and soon we go get equipment from di United Nations”

” From di beginning of dis outbreak, we dey in touch wit leaders of oda kontris to learn from each oda and we no drop di ball” im explain.

Dem don restrict travel for di Africa state wey get ogbonge population

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Nigeria fit don climb to Community Transmission

Over one month since Nigeria confirm di first case of Coronavirus, di spread don dey grow to community transmission.

Di initial case na from pipo wey travel from oda kontri to Nigeria and di number of dis case don dey reduce.

But wetin dey happun now na pipo wey contact am from unknown confamed case.

At di moment, about thirty percent of pipo wey show symptoms of di virus no get history and obvious source of di infection.

E say over di next week di kontri go start to test pipo wey get respiratory disease wit no known cause and dis rapid testing go happun for Lagos and Abuja.

As it is now, Lagos don begin to go house to house to test pipo wit any kind of symptoms wey relate wit covid 19.